5 Things Anyone Can Do to Become More Creative

Creativity is the spice of life. It takes the mundane and turns it on its head. Think you donít have a creative bone in your body? Think you arenít Ďgiftedí? Think again. Everyone is creative ó you just need to figure out how to develop your prowess. Believe it or not, creativity is simply a skill, a manner of thinking, that can be developed with diligence and practice. Not sure where to start? Try these 5 tips to let your inner creativity thrive.

Learn how to be bored. Put down your smartphone. Turn off Netflix.†We generally do our best to avoid boredom by shoving our faces with distractions and technology. Whether you have 5 minutes to kill or 2 hours, you could be improving your creativity by cutting yourself off from all of your go-to distractions. Take a few minutes and people watch. Keep a blank sketchbook in your bag. Write a comic strip or story starring your pet. Make a list of absurd things, play a game, or draw an abstract picture. Technology flicks your brain on to autopilot. Take control and start flexing those stiff creativity muscles during those boring moments instead. Stop being afraid of boredom.

Create a schedule. While creativity follows no set time table, to get into the habit of being creative, itís a good idea to set aside a little time every day for creative exercises. By taking just 20 minutes every morning or evening to doodle or write stream-of-consciousness style, you allow your brain to delve into its creative juices on the regular. The more you practice, the easier it will become for your creativity to overflow into the rest of your life, which is never a bad thing! Google spends millions making sure its employees are free to be as creative as possible.

Take a walk. According to a study out of Stanford, going for a walk can dramatically increase a personís creative output. As opposed to sitting, walking boosts creativity by a whopping 60%! So, when your brain is feeling a little stale, go for a stroll around the block, or even hop on the treadmill. Walking opens up the creative cogs of your mind and can help even a novice creative get their game on.

Donít be afraid to be a beginner. As we get older, it may feel uncomfortable to take up a new hobby. But you shouldn’t†be afraid of trying a new creative outlet. Trying something new brings new inspiration and dimension into your life. Try whatever youíve dreamed ó archery, drawing, painting, woodworking, karate, dance, an instrument. Yes, youíll have to start small, but with work and practice, youíll have a whole new skill and a burst of creative energy along with it.

Start an idea list. If you donít have much time to spare during the daily grind, try keeping a list of interesting ideas whenever one sparks your mind. It doesnít matter how plausible or implausible these ideas are. Mouse sweaters? An orange-banana hybrid? Don’t judge your ideas — in fact, the more absurd, the better. The key is to open up your mind to a new, more open way of thinking.

Everyone is creative. Don’t let yourself get bogged down because you don’t think you have any ‘talents.’ Find a creative outlet that makes you happy and be free to enjoy yourself without judgement. Go ahead, give it a try. Everyone can benefit from injecting a little more creativity into their†lives.

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