5 Tips For Spending Less Time on Social Media

Social media has changed the world in a lot of positive ways. While many of us like to bemoan social media mainly for the fact that it’s causing us to communicate differently, there’s no proof that it’s actually making our connections any worse. In fact, surveys have shown that we actually report feeling more connected now than we did in the past, as our friends are only a status or photo posting away.

However, there are some drawbacks. While social media can make it easier for us to connect, that’s not always a good thing. Many people suffer from stress associated with constant connectivity, especially those who utilize social media for work purposes. Social media can also facilitate bullying and have the effect of comparing ourselves to others.

A lot of people have expressed a desire to disconnect a little bit from social media. Tuning down your use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the like doesn’t have to mean getting rid of these networks entirely. Sometimes, for our own sanity, it’s best to give ourselves more time to really be alone with our thoughts. If you’re interested in spending less time on social media, here are a few tips to help you do it.

Track the Amount of Time You Spend Already

The first step toward dialing down your social media use is tracking the amount of time you spend on social networking sites. Add up every little moment you spend checking Facebook on your phone or answering a direct message—you’ll quickly see that these things add up. Once you’re aware of how much time you’re spending online (and how you’re spending it) you may be more inspired to cut back a little. And most importantly, you’ll know exactly where those cutbacks need to take place (been spending too much time reading political articles shared on Facebook, perhaps?).

Increase Efficiency

This tip won’t work for everyone, but if you’re the kind of person who likes to post your status to multiple accounts (say, Twitter and Facebook), use an app like Hootsuite, Buffer or TweetDeck to make your posting more efficient. If you’re OK with posting the same status to all your social media accounts, you can simply type it in once and post it to all of your accounts instantaneously, dramatically cutting down on the amount of times you need to open various apps and type in your content.

Delete Social Apps From Your Phone

If you’re serious about cutting down your social media time, make it easier on yourself by deleting the apps from your phone. This way, you’ll only be able to use social media exactly when you intend to—when you sit down at your computer for exactly that purpose. No more intermittently checking Facebook while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store.

Respond to Messages With a Phone Call

When friends send you direct messages or Facebook chats, get in the habit of giving them a phone call in response. This way, your conversation is likely to be a lot lengthier and deeper, and you’ll be able to hear more about what they’ve been up to and what’s going on in their lives. As a bonus, you’ll be spending that much less time on the social app itself.

Turn Off Notifications

It’s hard to resist opening your Twitter app when there’s a little red bubble telling you that someone has responded to your tweet. Turn off notifications on your phone so that you aren’t constantly checking the app to see what’s up. You’ll get all the information about who’s responded when you open the app later on.


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Computers in general, and social media in particular, are endless time-suckers. But hard to do without.

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Jim Ven
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This is bad if social media distracts you from spending time with family and friends, but if you have none, then it can be your salvation.

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