5 Truths For Taking Action In Your Life

Betsy and Warren Talbot share 5 life lessons they’ve learned from traveling the world.

“Scheming and dreaming will fill your mind; taking action will fill your life.”

As a couple approaching middle age, we’ve had our fair share of successes and setbacks. Throughout them all – marriage, divorce, remarriage, cross-country moves, career ups and downs, and finally traveling the world with just a backpack – we’ve come to 5 consistent truths:

1. Eliminating the negative and focusing on what feeds your spirit every single day will change your life far more dramatically than achieving one big goal.

This is when you’ll have the space, energy and perspective to see opportunities in front of you. In choosing to not engage with the whiners at work, we performed better and made more money. In taking a walk every day, we reduced our stress, helped our hearts, and lost weight. In experiencing more small joys we increased our overall happiness.

2. Possessions limit experiences.

There is a cost to ownership, even if the items came to you for free. When your house is overloaded with stuff, you are less likely to invite friends and family over for dinner. When you stretch your resources – time, money, and attention – to maintain what you own, you have less left over for new experiences and relationships. You can treasure both what you own and the freedom gained from what you don’t own.

3. Good health is worth more than any amount of money or recognition.

It’s easy to overlook this in your 20s and 30s, but it starts catching up in your 40s and beyond. When you fail your body on a daily basis with poor nutrition, no exercise, extreme stress, and lack of sleep, it will eventually fail you. As your mind and soul becomes wiser, it’s a shame to let your body become less able to maximize those gifts….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com for the other 2 truths!

Betsy and Warren are the authors of Dream Save Do: An Action Plan for Dreamers, and have been traveling the world full-time since 2010.

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Ernie Miller
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would have been nice f the entire artical was posted here instead of a lazy link I didnt finish.

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Michael H.
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Thanks for posting

heather g.
heather g4 years ago

I couldn't agree more with those points - they are so true.

Although I've only managed 28 countries, the joys and awesome experiences stay with you for the rest of your life. You learn so much through travel and your outlook towards life changes for the better.

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Interesting, though can't do the traveling - not exactly in my budget.

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Good reminder. Thank you:)

Marianne B.
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good article...thanks...now if one can afford to do all that traveling.. I find it hard to believe you can travel the world with only a backpack. You need money for food, right? 40 countries? How did they get across the oceans?

Zee Kallah
Helen Porter4 years ago

Oh, so that's why I'm so healthy and happy and hardy!

I like it like that.