5 Uses for Seashells by the Sea Shore

Humans have an undeniable draw to seashells. They’re such a simple but beautiful gift from the ocean; little abandoned homes that get pushed ashore. The joy of collecting and combing the beach is addictive, since every specimen is so unique. Color, markings, pattern, texture, shape, size, all change radically between species. Therefore any project you use them for will showcase this and your own creative touch.
Be sure when collecting shells that you take home ones that no longer have animals in them. Also, it is good to thoroughly wash and dry them before any of these projects.

Soap Dish

This is really as simple as finding a large enough shell to keep your soap bar in! Maybe an oyster or really any variety of bivalve or hinged shell.

Picture Frame

Smaller shells will probably work better for this. Maybe to help commemorate your beach trip, you want to decorate a photo from there. If you have an extra or old frame around you can hot glue shells all around it. You might need a lot of shells to choose from, but if you don’t have enough, all the more encouragement to hit the beach again.

Shell Wreath

You can do this the easy way or the hard way. Basically, if you want to build your own base from branches like a traditional wreath, go for it. It will be beautiful. But, if you’re more interested in just the shells, you can easily purchase a foam wreath base from almost any craft store. Once you have a base, you just have to hot glue your shells on until it looks as you desire. I would recommend laying your shells out in a circle first in order to see how different ones will look next to each other.


Thanks to our friend the moon-snail, many shells we find on the beach are already equipped with a neat little hole in them. Pulls some string through or add a wire loop and you’ve got a piece ready for earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.


Most often I just leave my shells out on windowsills or counters. Or I collect them in little jars according to the location I found them. You can also divide them into color or size to make some very visual and elegant displays.

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Leave them on the beach

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I seem to always be making things from shells hence living next to the beach. I like to fill bottles with sand then some tiny rocks or shells and tape a seashell inside the top of the bottle with masking tape. They look classy and eclectic and people love them as gifts.

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Luao decorations! That's an awesome idea Angie V.

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