5 Ways to Avoid Pesticides In & Around Your Home

When I talk about limiting pesticides, I’m often accused of sounding like a broken record.

But the reason behind my rant is so important: Pesticide exposure has been linked to asthma, allergies, neurological disorders, autism and even cancer—which is now the leading cause of death by disease for American kids.

Want to decrease the pesticide load in your house? Follow these tips:

1. Wash Your Hands with Soap and Water

The FDA says soap and water is just as effective as pesticide antibacterials like triclosan in fighting germs. Can’t get to a faucet? Look for alcohol based sanitizing products that depend on natural ingredients to keep hands clean on the go.

2. Plan an Organic Weekend

Most of our pesticide exposure comes from the foods that we eat—but just one day of eating USDA Certified Organic can completely remove many pesticides from our bodies.

3. Try Natural Pest Repellent

Tricks like red pepper flakes for ants and soapy wine traps for fruit flies are great ways of dealing with pests. Keeping your counters and cabinets crumb-free helps to deter bugs in the first place.

4. Choose Safer Fumigation

Ask the company for a written description of the chemicals that are used in their fumigation process and do your own research on what’s involved, then add several more open-window days to the recommended “airing” time before you move back in, especially if you are pregnant or have small children.

5. Kill Weeds with Boiling Water, not Roundup.

In 1987, the National Cancer Institute found that the risk of childhood leukemia increased more than six times when garden pesticides were used at least once a month. Your garden can grow without them!

Listen to my Green Divas At Home podcast segment about safe fumigation…


Written by Green Diva Rachel Sarnoff



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Roundup is banned where I live. Nova Scotia has banned cosmetic pesticides.