5 Ways to Cleanse Yourself of Negative Energy

We are energetic beings. It’s not woo-woo—it’s tangible. Even the least intuitive among us can sense it just by walking into a room, particularly when things feel a little ‘off’.

Sometimes negative energy can be hard to shake loose, especially if you’re a highly sensitive person. It’s hugely important to consciously cleanse yourself of unwanted energetic shifts, both for your health and happiness. Here are a few ways to cleanse yourself of any particularly sticky negative energy that you’ve picked up.

1. Take 30 seconds to ground yourself.

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re surrounded by negativity and you feel yourself starting to absorb it, conduct a small check-in with yourself.

Feel your feet on the ground; feel your body and the surrounding space. Release the tension in your neck, head, and jaw. Breathe deeply. If you need extra fortification, try repeating a mantra in your head, like, “I am strong, grateful, and only soak in unconditional love.”

Of course, if you can take yourself out of the heavy situation, be sure to do it. Don’t be afraid to take care of yourself.

5 Ways to Cleanse Yourself of Negative Energy

2. Visualize protection.

If you need to support someone whose energy is way off kilter, you can protect yourself by visualizing an energetic force-field surrounding you that blocks all energy but love. Yes, it’s a little strange, but you might be surprised by how powerful this visualization technique can be. Your mind, especially your imagination, is a powerful tool for healing.

3. Take a bath or shower.

Scrub that negativity away! Soak in a bubble bath or just stand in a steamy hot shower to feel refreshed, reinvigorated and, most importantly, grounded. Let the negativity and heaviness bead off your skin and swirl down the drain. (Bonus points for using soothing essential oils.)

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4. Blast some high-vibe music.

If your own energy is dropping, why not up your internal vibrations with some Good Vibrations? Create a 10-minute playlist of upbeat, rejuvenating music that can help lift your frequency to a more balanced state. And be sure to play it loudly, so you can feel those vibrations in your bones!

5. Gratitude journal.

Expressing gratitude is a powerful practice. You can’t be expressing love and gratitude for something while harboring negative energy towards it, so this journaling practice may be just what you need to release energetic blocks and refill yourself with love and light.

Do you absorb other people’s energy easily? How do you deal with negative energy or energetic shifts in general? Share your tips with the community in the comments section below!   

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