5 Traditions That Clear Negative Energy from Your Home

Many practitioners of various faiths and spiritual paths believe that Spring Cleaning isn’t just about de-cluttering the physical stuff out of your home. In fact, many practices believe that you should also clear your home of any stagnant negative energy that may be present in order to allow space for new positive things to come in.

In Feng Shui, for example, they believe that negative energy can reside from previous occupants of a space or any conflict within the home. If this energy becomes stagnant it can lead to feeling discomfort in the home without really being able to put your finger as to why. Furthermore, practitioners believe that not clearing the negative energy can lead to more problems such as illness, arguments, accidents and lack of motivation.

Feng Shui isn’t the only tradition that believes in space clearing. Anything from Shamanism to some Christian traditions believe you should periodically clear your space of any negativity. Below you’ll find some of the most common forms of space clearing throughout many traditions.

Smudging with Sage

In the U.S. whenever most people think of space clearing they think of burning sage. That’s because burning sage, also referred to as “smudging” comes from Native American traditions where certain herbs were seen as having the ability to purify people and places.

Sage, in particular, is an herb that is used fairly often before ceremonies and in Native American medicine.

Smudging with Incense

Incense has been used to purify the area and put people in a spiritual state of mind for centuries. In fact, the first instance of using some form of incense can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who believed it not only helped with bad smells, but also repelled demons.

From Christian churches to Buddhist temples, just about every tradition in the world uses incense. As such it’s no wonder that some people light incense around the home with the intention of removing any negative energy that may be lying around.


Sound is used in some forms of space clearing because the vibrations are said to shake up and remove any energy that may be stuck.

Again, you may see this when churches and temples use bells. In native traditions in the Americas you may see drums or shakers. You’ll also see sound clearing used in Feng Shui.

House Blessing

House blessings have been around since the incarnation of many world religions. They are intended to protect the inhabitants of the home as well as to heal it and are typically performed after moving in or after a big event like a divorce. However, they can be done outside of these instances.

In Catholicism, for instance, house blessings are performed by priests who sprinkle holy water and pray around the home. House blessings can also be seen in other forms of Christianity including Orthodox and Protestant.

In Hinduism, the house blessing is performed by Hindu priest and the ritual may depend on region are from. There are also a number of Jewish and Islamic traditions for blessing a home.


The last method we’ll be discussing is using salt to clear an area of negative energy. Salt is said to be extremely purifying and can be seen in Feng Shui and several earth-based spiritualities such as Wicca.

With so many options available to you, this year you may want to consider doing an energetic cleaning of your home. If you’re already conducting a conventional spring cleaning of your home, try out one or more of these special traditions.


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A way to cleanse a place is to play a Buddhist Mantra/ Sutra non-stop for at least 8 hours.

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I've tried the incense. Might try the salt next.

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It is important to note that salt can be corrosive to some furniture, carpeting and hardwood finish. When using it to purify your home, it is recommended that you sprinkle the salt somewhere that it can easily be swept, vacuumed or wiped up within an hour or so of putting it down. You can also 'freshen' up your cleansed living area weekly with a sprinkle of baking soda (sodium bi-carbonate) vs. salt (Sodium chloride). The baking soda is less likely to damage surfaces because carbonate is less corrosive than chloride. Salt is the preferred media for heavy duty spiritual cleansing and blessings though. After sweeping used salt up be careful to dispose of it out of your home, off your property. Salt run off will kill plants, so choose a rocky barren patch of earth to return it to.

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