5 Worst Toys of the Year

For the past three years the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC) has presented their Worst Toy of the Year award, the dreaded TOADY (Toys Oppressive And Destructive to Young Children). Created as a response to the Toy Industry Association of America’s annual TOTY (Toy Of The Year) Awards, the TOADYs emphasize the toy industry’s disturbing trends.  From the hoards of 2011 toys promoting violence, precocious sexuality, branded entertainment, and electronics that shun children’s creative play, the CCFC has selected five finalists—many culled from this year’s industry “hot toy” lists–that were then voted on to reveal the shining glory of terrible toys. So here, straight from the CCFC, this year’s most disturbing playthings:

5. Monopoly – Coca Cola 125th Anniversary Collector’s Edition
Retails for: $39.99
Recommended Age: 8-10 years

Why give your kids the classic version of America’s favorite board game when you can immerse them in an ad for Coca Cola?  No more fighting about who gets stuck with the iron or the hat; choose from “collectible” tokens like a Coke bottle, Coke can, or even a Coke polar bear.  Sign an agreement for exclusive “pouring rights” on Boardwalk…and collect 39 grams of sugar every time you pass “Go!”  Recommended for ages 8 and up, even though Coke execs swear they do not target kids under 12.  Type 2 diabetes sold separately.

4. WWE Colossal Crashdown Arena
Retails for: $38.99
Recommended Age: 6+

Normally CCFC would be opposed to a World Wrestling Entertainment toy for six-year-olds.  After all, toys are one of the primary ways that the WWE markets its unique blend of bullying, violence, homophobia, and misogyny to young children.  But the Colossal Crashdown Arena is so ridiculously pathetic that it could be the toy which actually turns kids away from the WWE forever.

3. Monster High Ghoul Spirit Fearleading Doll 3-Pack: Draculaura, Cleo de Nile and Gholia Yelps
Retails for: $42.99
Recommended Age: 6+

Want to scare the pants off your six-year-old?  Mattel’s Monster High Ghoul Spirit Fearleading Doll 3-Pack will do the trick.  And they’re guaranteed to frighten the heck out of you, too. Not because the dolls are ghouls and vampires, but because the company that gave the world Barbie packs so many damaging sexualized stereotypes into one creepy package.  Behold the horrors of impossibly thin body types; recoil from the micro-mini-skirts, booty shorts, and fishnet stockings; shriek in frustration, because—in Mattel’s world—girls are always relegated to the sidelines. Better yet, run screaming as fast as you can from these monstrous “fashionistas.”

2. I Am T-Pain Mic
Retails for: $39.99
Recommended Age: 7+

Worried that your seven-year-old is the only kid on the block who doesn’t know the words to “I’m in Love with a Stripper” or “Take Your Shirt Off”?   Remedy that with the I am T-Pain Mic.  For just $39.99, this amazing microphone will transform the voice of your child to sound just like rap star and auto-tune aficionado T-Pain – and introduce him to T-Pain’s lyrical world of misogyny, drinking and drugs.  ”A lot of kids don’t have cellphones, (so) in order to reach everyone, I’m taking it to where it can be a toy,” the rapper explains.  Thank you, T-Pain, for your dedication and service to our children.

1. Vinci Touchscreen Mobile Learning Tablet
Price: $479
Recommended Age: 4 and under

Can’t wait for the day your child starts tuning you out for technology?  Give your infant a head start with the Vinci, the first “iPad” designed especially for babies. The $479 may seem like a lot, but that’s a small price to pay for the tranquility that comes when your infant is virtually lobotomized. Make dinner in peace.  Better yet, go out for dinner. The Vinci’s hypnotic apps are designed to guarantee that Junior won’t even know you’re gone. Plus, the Vinci makes lots of bogus educational claims, so you can join the company in pretending that screen time is great for your little one.


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.1 years ago

I don’t suppose many of websites give this kind of information.

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Peggy Sowden
Peggy Sowden5 years ago

Honestly, I don't think these are the worst out there. But no matter what any of us think, the biggest power we have is our $$. Don't buy the toys that YOU think are innappropriate or offensive or whatever and they will come off the shelves. Just because companies make things doesn't mean we have to buy them....and that is where our power lies.

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago


Lika S.
Lika P6 years ago

Who would spend $479 for a baby toy? An indestructible suit for a sick child is fine. Any parent that would spend that for one toy already has the lobotomy, and they're raising children... Scary thought. I understand the mic, because it's not geared toward people.

But seriously? I don't think that the Coke version of monopoly is any worse than the regular version. So what? Corporate greed is fine, as long as it doesn't make you thirsty? I think it's kind of cool that they have a coke version. There was a Racine (Wisconsin) version too. So is that bad because it's too localized or making too much about home pride?

I also liked the Fearleaders goul-dolls. They totally rock, and much better than Barbie! As for the WWE, you know what? If you really want them to tone down, quit watching. Quit making a big deal to the point you're actually promoting them. Quietly step away, and encourage your friends, family and neighbors to do the same. The more people quietly step away, the more money they lose. Vinny Mac will get the message. He'll HAVE to tone down. As long as he gets a rise out of pushing the envelope, you're feeding his fired up ego, and the more he pushes it.

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener6 years ago


Lindsey B.
Lindsey B6 years ago

It's all in the $$$.
When we stop buying, that's when thongs will change.

Dawn G.
Dawn Harvey6 years ago

Interesting, thanks

colleen p.
colleen p6 years ago

@ Celie G., that dancing Orange Thing is so so so so helpful to low functioning Autistic children. and who wants a fat werewolf? when ever i see people who reek of sterotype I loose faith in people. and figure "hey if I ever make stories, I'll over exaderate all of them. if I see another 9 year old girl who cries at the sight of a frog or "bug" I am going to scream and tell them butterflies are insects, so they should cry and scream at them and not their children"

@James B. buuuttt tehhh issue herez is dat des wur made for teh kiddiez. u kno, liek 4 year oulds (OH I type this way to be sarcastic)

@ anyone whining about commericlization and marketing to children. Look up how Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was born.

Carlotta H.
Carlotta H.6 years ago

The T-Pane mic is the last straw. How can toy makers support making toys that are bad influences on our kids. We as parents and consumers can put a stop to this nonsense and boycott buying these toys for our kids. We don't realize the power we have by standing together and demanding positive products for our kids and families from toys, music, foods or whatever. Don't let the power of advertising compromise holding companies accountable for products that they put out on the market for us as consumers.

Jane L6 years ago