6 Easy & Effective Ways to Fight Forgetfulness

Do you often find yourself losing keys, forgetting names, and wondering if you took your medicine this morning? Forgetfulness can be frustrating, indeed. But here is a handful of at-home ideas to help you keep your memory razor-sharp.

Smell some rosemary.

The essential oils of rosemary and basil have been shown to increase the brainís production of beta waves. This increases awareness of your surroundings and clears confusion. Just sprinkle a few drops of the oil on a clean handkerchief and take a deep breath.

Drink more coffee.

Coffee really can be the cup that cheers your memory cells.†Research shows that coffee may have a positive effect on long-term memory.




A†Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine†study, quoted by Harvard Health Publications, found that physically fit people have less brain shrinkage than less active people. The cells particularly helped by exercise are those that control memory, communication, and learning.

Keep your blood sugar in check.

Keep your blood sugar under control, and you will find your memory improving. This may sound surprising, but a study published in the journal Neurology says that those with high blood sugar are seen to suffer from cognitive impairment. Scientists say this happens because high blood sugar causes structural changes in the areas of the brain that govern learning. Find helpful blood-sugar regulating tips here.† Also see:†7 Tricks to Tame Your Sweet Tooth



Get your B & C.

The B vitamin group makes and repairs brain tissue. Foods that endow you with the B vitamins are nuts and seeds, wheatgerm, bananas and chickpeas. Vitamin C has been correlated with mental sharpness, so include more strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi and leafy greens in your diet.

Go musical.

Learning to play a musical instrument develops motor skills and enhances your brainís ability to focus and analyze.

5 Diet Tips to Keep Your Memory Sharp



Val M.
Val M3 years ago


Virginia Belder
Virginia Belder3 years ago


Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe3 years ago

I've drank coffee all my life until I started Menopause. Then I switched over to a cold drink to cool me off. So, now I need to switch back???
I disagree with the part about the exercise where it said, " People have less brain shrinkage than less active people." My Mother was extremely active and she started losing her memory at the age of 65. She ended up with Alzheimer's and it killed her 10 years later!!
She retired from her paying job, and went into making and selling Crafts on a full time basis. They were always on the go every weekend. She got a lot of exercise going back and forth to their garage to create the craft and from moving and setting up for shows!
So, exercise did NOT help her at all...

heather g.
heather g4 years ago

Thanks Shubhra - I always appreciated your well-balanced advice.

It's so important to exercise and keep one's mind active. More particularly as you age to also deal with some meds which have a negative effect on one's memory.

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Darn!! .... I forgot I already posted here .... where's the damn rosemary????

Carole R.
Carole R4 years ago

Good tips. Thanks.

gail mulloy
gail mulloy4 years ago

Hmmm, I drink coffee daily...and theres basil growing in my kitchen...now all I need to do is to remember to hang out in my kitchen a little more! Thanks, good article

Franck R.
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Ingrid Arro Haehnle

Thank you for advise.
I am agree with all suggestions except sugar. In my family the woman been told centenaries to drink sugar-water after nervous breakdown to cure the irritated brain-nerve sells. I don't know the scientific truth but our family women were always smart and did not suffer from memory loss. I think it would be something to investigate. I believe everything in too enormous quantities can damage human brain. But there were sugar and salt people, It depends what you are used to eat.


elaine lovegrove
elaine lovegrove4 years ago

Anything that might help has got to be good!