6 Exercises for People With Weak Bones

We gain bone mass during adolescence and in our 20s. But after 30, bone loss starts to occur.

Bone loss weakens the bones and increases risk of fractures. Whatís surprising is that the spine, hips, wrist and ribs have higher rate of bone loss. And this makes them more prone to fractures.

The good thing is you can prevent fractures by strengthening your bones. And this can be done even if your bones are already weak or youíve been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Exercising is one of the best ways to strengthen your bones. Exercise puts pressure on the bones and the bones respond by becoming stronger and denser.

Note that proper nutrition and bone-strengthening drugs can also help rebuild your bones.

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Now, getting old isnít the only cause of weak bones. Here are other factors that promote bone loss:

  • Calcium and vitamin D deficiency
  • Smoking
  • Low estrogen levels (in women)
  • Genetics
  • Drinking more than 2-3 servings of alcohol per day
  • Inactivity (sitting all day)

Below are the best exercises for strengthening weak bones.

Stair climbing

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator can strengthen weak bones. Stair climbing strengthens leg bones and the hip joint, and improves balance.

Stair climbing builds more bone mass and burns more calories than walking or running. Support yourself on the rails if you lack balance.

Skipping a step while climbing will make your bones denser and stronger.


Walking is good for your bones. Research shows that walking regularly can lower risk of fractures by 30 percent. And this study found that walking for 15 minutes a day can lower risk of osteoporosis.

Wearing a weighted vest while walking will make your workout more rewarding. Walking on hilly routes will also put more beneficial stress on the bones.

Other low impact exercises like swimming and cycling arenít good for strengthening the bones since they donít stress them.

Jumping rope

Jumping rope strengthens the bones because itís a high impact exercise. Jump rope workouts rebuild bones in the legs, hips and the core.

Jump exercises like jumping jacks and jump squats will also make your bones denser.

Bodyweight exercises

Push ups, squats, lunges and other bodyweight exercises increase bone density.

Focus on unilateral leg exercises like step ups, lunges and single leg glute bridges if you want to improve balance and prevent falls.


You donít have to lift heavy weights to strengthen your bones. Research shows that lifting light weights with lots of reps can increase bone density by 22 percent in postmenopausal women.

Start with light weights if youíre not strong. Trying to set a personal best in first workouts can cause injuries and fractures.


Running may strengthen your bones since itís a weight bearing exercise. But research shows that it may not be the best exercise to strengthen your bones. In fact, some runners have the same bone density as sedentary folks.

Changing your routine regularly can make running more rewarding. Use these different types of runs.

How do you keep your bones strong?


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