6 Gardening Chores To Do In February

If you live where February means cold weather and snow on the ground like I do, then gardening might be the last thing on your mind. It can be hard to get inspired when the ground outside is frozen solid. However shrewd gardeners know there are still tasks to do and gardening plans to make.

Since weather can make gardening tasks vary widely from region to region, I’ve put together a list of tasks everyone can do to get ready for the upcoming growing season wherever you may dig, weed or prune.

1. Make a Plan

Do you have a garden journal? If not, now is a perfect time to start one. Fill it with ideas, sketches, along with an on-going flower and plant wish list. A calendar is also handy for including planting dates and seed germination times. Include space for a gardening journal and keep track of what happens each season in your garden. Keeping records will not only tell you what worked and what didnít, but it will also help you plan more successfully in the future.

2. Inventory & Order Seeds

Take inventory of your existing seeds. Arrange them by expiration date and make a note of the ones to be used in spring in your garden journal. Don’t worry if you have some that have expired; you can still use them. Seeds do get less viable over time, but it’s worth trying. Order from seed catalogs now, mainly if you are looking for a specific color or variety, to ensure they donít sell out.

3. Get Your Gardening Tools Ready for Spring

Did you winterize your garden tools? Thatís great! Now is the time to get them ready for work. Sharpen any blades, oil moving parts, make repairs to broken tools and replace them if you canít. Itís also a good time to start your power tools, like your lawn mower or weed trimmer. If needed, youíll be able to get them repaired before spring comes and you need them.

Get your seed starting supplies and containers cleaned. Stock up on potting soil and planting containers. Check the hoses for cracks or other damage. You want everything ready and in good working order in preparation for when itís time to get outside and gardening.

4. Tend to Houseplants

Houseplants are a great way to keep a year-round garden. As an added bonus houseplants can also help clean the air. As the days get longer houseplants will begin to put on new growth, which means itís time for a bit of maintenance. Check for root bound plants, propagate cuttings and repot plants as needed.

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5. Build a Birdhouse

In addition to keeping bird feeders clean and stocked full of food, you can help backyard birds next spring by building them a house now. A well-placed birdhouse or nesting box can mean the difference between nesting success or failure. Adding a box is a great way to set up a safe space to nest, as well as keep birds from nesting in high-traffic areas.

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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has put together a great resource called†how to make a safe, successful nest boxes for a wide variety of bird species.

6.†Get Inspiration & Have Gardening Fun

Are you still itching to garden? Satisfy your mid-winter gardening cravings with a subscription to a gardening magazine or buy that gardening book youíve looked at but didnít buy. Check with local nurseries or garden clubs for any upcoming classes or events. Some garden centers offer workshops and lectures.

No events in your area? Have an indoor garden event of your own. Give a lecture, a class or just have fun creating a fairy garden. Grab some supplies, a few friends and have fun. Need inspiration? Check out all of the creative container gardening ideas and DIY projects right here on Care2!

Are you ready to get outside and put your hands in the dirt? Me too! Let’s talk gardening in the comments!

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Always have a charged cell phone with you if going outside in cold slick weather.