6 Health and Beauty Secrets from Across the World

Each culture has its own set of “secrets” for feeling and looking great. Here is my opinion on the top 6, from Japan to Turkey!

Japan: Japanese people eat a lot of fish and fruit and drink many cups of tea. Eating their food with chopsticks helps them eat slowly and consume less.

India: Our love of spices and herbs, of course, has its health benefits. Spices such as cumin, turmeric, black pepper and coriander boost immunity. Mint, Holy basil and cilantro– our favourite herbs– lavish us with antioxidant benefits, vitamins and other nutrients.

China: In addition to healthy cooking techniques such as steaming and stir-frying, the Chinese like to stay away from sugary foods. At a Chinese restaurant, dessert is usually something light, featuring seasonal fruit. And sugar, as we all know, is notorious for causing all sorts of health problems, right from weight gain to diabetes.

Germany: Sure, they love their meat and potatoes, but the Germans are very fond of whole grain bread, particularly rye bread, which is high in fiber and helps good digestion. Their love of sauerkraut (sour cabbage) keeps them protected from coughs and colds.

France: French women are very particular about their beauty routine. They regularly apply face masques, keep their skin well hydrated and love to use face oils and natural spa waters to keep their skin glowing.

Turkey: Turkish people love to munch on chestnuts, pistachio and walnuts, which are fiber-rich, contain healthy omega-3 fatty acids and reduce bad cholesterol.

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