6 of the World’s Oddest Museums (Slideshow)


When most people think of museums, paintings and dinosaur bones come to mind. Well, not at these places! Check out some of the world’s wackiest museums.

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1. Leila’s Hair Museum

Though it may make many of us squeamish today, during the Victorian period jewelry made with hair was quite popular. Owner Leila Cohoon started the Independence, Missouri museum out of her personal collection, which now boasts over 2,000 pieces. Among the collection are pieces made out of Queen Victoria herself, as well as contemporary celebrities and four U.S. presidents.

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Image Credit: The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis


2. The Museum of Questionable Medical Devices

Also known as “The Quackery Hall of Fame,” this museum contains all sorts of ridiculous medical devices. Want to see soap that washes away pounds, or view certain colors to cure yourself of disease? Check out this museum, now housed within the Science Museum of Minnesota.

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3. Museum of Celebrity Leftovers

OK, sure, this place is more of a shelf than an actual museum, but it contains uneaten food from one of the world’s biggest names. Venture across the pond to Cornwall, England to see Prince Charles’ leftover bread and butter.

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4. Museum of Bad Art

Sure, plenty of museums are full of good art — but what about the not so good art? Shouldn’t it get the respect it deserves? Well, there’s a least one place on the planet that celebrates all things bad art: this Somerville, Mass. museum!

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


5. Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

Archeologist Andrea Ladden and her family started this Gatlinburg, Tenn. museum to showcase her 20,000-set strong salt and pepper shaker collection. The sets span centuries — one of the family’s stated goals is to show, “how the changes in a society that can be found represented in shakers.”

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6. The Conspiracy Museum

Though it no longer exists (suspicious, isn’t it?!), this Dallas, Texas-based museum was once devoted to all thing skeptical. As its location suggests, the assassination of John F. Kennedy was a big part of this museum. The founder, a self-described “assassinologist,” though, also focused on other high-profile cases.

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