6 Simple Tips for Sparkling Eyes

According to Ayurveda, eyes look and feel dull when one or more of your three doshas goes out of balance.

Bloodshot, burning eyes are caused by excess Pitta dosha.

Dry, tired eyes are the result of an aggravated Vata dosha.

Mucoid, puffy eyes indicate increased Kapha.

To keep your doshas  balanced and your eyes in good health, try these simple, reliable tips:

1. Once a day, whenever you have a few minutes to yourself, close your eyes and think grateful, positive thoughts. This builds ‘sattva’ or goodness in your mind and heart, and the purity of your thoughts reflects in your eyes.

2. Try this ayurvedic remedy for sharpening vision: de-seed a pod of black cardomom. Crush the seeds and  combine them with 1 tablespoon of honey. Chew thoroughly. This is a popular Grandma’s recipe in India.

3. Almonds, raisins, papaya and other sweet juicy fruits improve overall dosha balance and are very beneficial for your eyes. Do try and eat at least one of these daily.

4. Caffeine and alcohol leach water from the system and bring dullness to the eyes.  Avoid them in excess, and your Vata dosha will be restored.

5. Dab cotton pads in cool organic rose water, and place these on your closed eyes for about 10 minutes. This calms the Pitta dosha and gives much-needed relaxation to the eyes.

6. Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day. This helps flush out toxins and keeps digestion smooth. The reward: your eyes sparkle.


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