6 Vegetarian Super Bowl Foods to Bring to Your Party

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching, and almost just as important as the game, Americans across the country are preparing their menus for the big day. One of the most popular snacks for the Super Bowl, right behind chips and dip, are a relatively new snack food, chicken wings. The popularity of wings goes through the roof during Super Bowl weekend, and this year, the National Chicken Council says Americans will eat 1.23 billion of them.

That’s billion with a “b,” or, if the wings were laid end to end, the distance from San Francisco to Baltimore 27 times. The National Chicken Council also reported that four out of five Americans enjoy chowing down on the inexpensive appetizer, and most prefer them with ranch dressing.

“The data show that chicken wings are not bound by gender or geographic lines. We also know that they are nonpartisan and politically independent. That is, there are really no extreme left wings or extreme right wings,” commented Bill Roenigk, the NCC’s chief economist and market analyst.

Along with chicken wings, sales of chicken strips and fried chicken are predicted to rise considerably in preparation of the big game. But it doesn’t all have to be a carnivore’s delight February 3. There are plenty of vegetarian snack foods that would be great to bring to the party, and they are much healthier than traditional fare without sacrificing taste.

Adam Hurtado’s Guacamole

Bring this homemade guacamole along with baked tortilla chips or veggie crisps to your Super Bowl party, and everyone will be clamoring for the recipe afterwards. Mix fresh avocados with black beans, corn, and spiced tomatoes, stir in a few seasonings, and you’re done! A guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Slow-Cooker Mexican Style Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed peppers are healthy, satisfying, and come with their own bowl. Who can resist? This recipe uses soy-based tempeh, but it’s well flavored and almost hidden among the other ingredients and spices, so even non-vegetarians can’t complain. To make this dish vegan, simply omit the cheese sprinkled on top.

Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burgers

These high fiber, low fat vegan burgers may concern dedicated “I’ll take the heart attack special” Super Bowl fans, but give them a taste and they’ll change their minds. You can easily tweak the recipe by making smaller patties and serving as sliders along with fresh toppings and condiments.

Homemade Pizza with Caramelized Onions, Blue Cheese and Thyme

Homemade pizza does not have to be difficult, and it is a much better option than ordering a greasy one from a delivery service or pulling out a chemical-laden frozen one. Keep things simple with a 5-ingredient pizza dough, and use whatever toppings you like best. This one nixes the traditional marinara sauce in favor of fragrant, freshly made caramelized onions, and adds just a few other ingredients for a decadent dish.

Red Pepper Hummus

This twist on the classic Mediterranean dish looks as good as it tastes. Serve with pita or corn chips, endive, or other raw veggies for an upscale and nutritious variation on the boring potato chips and French onion dip choice.

Healthy Tostadas

Let your family or guests assemble these fun tostadas this Super Bowl Sunday. Leave off the sour cream and they are completely vegan, owing to the base of mushrooms, onions, and beans. No one will even miss the meat as a result of the bold flavor.


Written by Sarah Shultz for Diets in Review


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