6 Weird & Wonderful Houses (Slideshow)


For these homeowners, a house isn’t just a place to rest your head — it’s also a piece of art itself. Check out some amazing and unusual homes from across the globe. Would you live in an unusual home? Let us know in the comments section below!

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1. Dar Al Hajar

Perched atop a rock, Dar Al Hajar was built in the 1930s as a summer residence for Iman Yahya, the then-leader of Yemen. The mansion is a particularly exquisite of example of Yemeni architecture. Today the house, which can be seen from all over Sana’a, is a tourist destination.

Image Credit: Raphael Fauveau via Fotopedia

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2. Upside Down House

This is just one example of a new trend in unconventional architecture: the upside down house! This home is located in†RŁgen, Germany, and is likely the largest upside down house around.

Image Credit: quinet via Flickr

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3. Toilet House

Yep, you read that right — this Suwon, South Korea home is shaped like a toilet. But there’s a story behind it: the home was built by Sim Jae-duck, the chairman†of the organizing committee of the World Toilet Association General Assembly. He built the house to highlight the need for better sanitation around the world and the diseases that arrive out of poor sanitation.

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4. Gold Pyramid House

At 17,000 square feet and six stories, this Northeastern Illinois wonder was built in 1977 as a private residence. And, yep, that’s real gold you see, likely the largest 24-karat gold object on the continent.


5. Nautilus House

Located in Mexico City, this home was built for a young family keen on getting back to nature. The outside resembles a snail shell, and the inside emphasizes organic lines and organic forms. Check out more photos of this amazing home and others like it on the builder’s website.

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6. RichArt’s Art Yard

Outsider artist Richard Tracy’s amazing Centralia, Washington home is truly a site to be seen. And you’re in luck, you can do just that if you give him $5 dollars. Tracy will give you a 55 minute tour of his amazing and ever-changing artistic creation.

Image Credit: sweejak via Flickr

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Kirsten Vines
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Number 6 looks awesome!

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katarzyna phillips

some of the pictures were great! a house is a home you make your own-if you're lucky enough you buy your own. we've got a mortgage on ours, but it's so much better than renting as you can do what you like to the house and garden! i like the architecture of some of the art deco houses. not far from my parents are you're heading into rhyl-wales/uk, there's an art deco house there that was for sale. i never got to look inside or find out how much it was, but i bet it was more than the house i got was! and a lot of it was wood too, so that causes problems of it's own, especially with that close proximity to the sea!

Winn Adams
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devon leonard
Devon Leonard5 years ago

Well there's no place like Home.... think I like my own humble abode, thank you.!

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Anastasia J5 years ago

Can't say I'd want to live in any of them... Maybe the one in Yemen.

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Interesting ideas -