6 Ways To Get Rid Of Water Retention and Bloating

We all experience water retention and bloating every now and then. But for some folks itís a problem that never seems to go away.

Water retention occurs when the body holds more water than it should. Bloated belly, fluctuating weight and swellings on parts of the body like feet, hands and ankles are indicators of excess fluid trapped in the body.

Sometimes water retention can be a sign of serious medical conditions like heart or kidney disease. So itís advisable to see a doctor if you are experiencing all the symptoms Iíve mentioned above (especially the swelling).

But if you just feel bloated every now and then, making simple dietary changes can reduce water retention and bloating.

1. Reduce sodium intake

Our bodies need sodium to balance fluids in the body. But research shows that consuming excess sodium can make the body hold more fluids than it should.

Almost all processed foods are rich in sodium, so donít forget to check sodium content in packaged and canned foods. And avoid adding excess salt in food when cooking.

This study shows that folks who sweat a lot through activity may need more sodium to make up for amounts lost through sweat.

2. Eat foods rich in potassium

According to research, low intake of potassium can trigger water retention. And this study shows that potassium helps reduce sodium levels in the body.

So eat healthy potassium-rich foods like avocado, dark green vegetables, bananas and so on, to reduce the excess fluid held in the body.

3. Drink more water

Water retention may occur due to dehydration. When we are dehydrated, the body reduces urinary output and holds on to water because it doesnít know when itíll get more.

Donít think that not drinking water will reduce bloating and body fluid. The best time to increase water intake is when youíre bloated.

Adding lemon to water can help reduce the sodium in the body and it can help increase your water intake if you donít like plain water.

4. Eat fiber

Fiber helps improve digestion and prevents bloating and constipation. Eat fruits, vegetables, beans and other high-fiber foods every day.

But be careful if you are not used to eating a lot of fiber. Instantly increasing your fiber intake can cause the bloating youíre trying to avoid. Eat fiber in low amounts until the body gets used to it.

5. Reduce sugar and alcohol intake

Sugar intake causes insulin levels to spike. This makes the body retain more sodium than it should. So try to eliminate sugar from your diet or eat it in moderation.

Alcohol causes dehydration, and as I mentioned, dehydration makes the body store more water.

6. Drink black coffee or tea

Coffee and tea contain caffeine which is considered to be a natural diuretic. Diuretics will make you urinate frequently and reduce water retention.

Leaf extracts of dandelion are also natural diuretic. In fact, one study found that subjects increased urine output after they drank dandelion tea.

Water retention can be frustrating because weight can increase by 3 pounds even when youíre maintaining a calorie deficit. Not to mention the feeling of being bloated all the time. So apply the tips above to look and feel better.


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