60 Handmade and Vintage Halloween Costumes

Coming up with a fresh Halloween costume every year can be quite the daunting task. Some people meet this experience with excitement and serious consideration each year. Some of us barely try to throw something on at the last minute. There have been plenty of years where I didn’t dress up at all. (And believe me, this never goes over well with friends, who ultimately assume you must think you’re just too cool for the holiday. Or at least those are my buds’ reactions!) But in recent years, I’ve been able to get a little more creative with the holiday. While I still don’t relish any type of costume that comes out of a plastic sleeve from a box store (go figure!), I do enjoy seeing thoughtful handmade creations and interesting vintage styling.

For me personally, I enjoy a super-targeted look (Nurse Jackie instead of just a sexy nurse, and Ariel instead of a random hodgepodge mermaid getup), but there are many directions you could go. If you’re crafty, you can definitely work to create an outfit for yourself and your kids. You can sew? You’re even better off! But even if you’re not into either of the things, you could hit the thrift store and piece together tons of different looks (especially if you choose a specific character from a movie or TV show of the past, and just recreate their hair/makeup/clothes).

For a little inspiration with all of this, check out our roundup of handmade and vintage Halloween costumes. I could have included many, many more (it’s amazing how much stuff you can find online), but pared it down to my favorites. If you don’t find an idea here, use the web to find your own treasured looks!


Queen of Hearts from Faery Spell Creations.


BjŲrk from Glacier Milk.


Alice in Wonderland from Three Gen Jewelry.

Nicki Minaj from Delphina 123.


Disco Cookie Monster from Sincere Costumes.


Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas, from SM Army Clothes.


Belle from Three Gen Jewelry.

Beetlejuice from Art Doll Imaginarium.


Cleopatra from Peonies Closet.


Raggedy Ann from Beastly Buddies.


Wonder Woman from Simone.

Joker from Gothabilly 13.


Freddy from Correen SC Designs.


Sleeping Beauty from Beastly Creations.


Batman from The Bohemian Goddess.

Mad Hatter from Polka Dot Cherries.


Cleopatra from Lavida 661.


Katniss from Sweetheart Tutus.


Pinocchio from 1 Sweet Vintage Dream.

Smurf from String Union.


Wednesday Addams from Gothabilly 13.


Pregnant lady T-shirt from Cheaper Than Shirt.


Bloodied (zombie?) sports fan from Wardrobe the Globe.

Glinda from Correen SC Designs.


Cheerleader / sports fan from Bombshell Sports.


Cookie Monster from My Sweet Ella Grace.


Snow White from Prima Fashions.

Star Trek from Correen SC Designs.


Child’s Charlie Chaplin from Correen SC Designs.


Marie Antoinette from MJ Creation.


Pumpkin lady from I’m Your Present.

Princess and the Frog from Neverbug Creations.


Alice in Wonderland from Decontructress.


Corpse Bride from Graveyard Shift 13.


Dorothy from Elleyna Marie.

Sailor Moon from Ridi Kitty.


Jasmine from Little Penny Lane.


She-Ra from Delphina 123.


Bumble Bee from Bows of Faith.

Rogue from X-Men from Peachy Kiki.


Tinkerbell from Neverbug Creations.


Arwen from Hippie Ray.


Chicken from Gettin Hitched Bride.

Captain Hook from Neverbug Creations.


Skywalker from Neverbug Creations.


Debutante from Period Corsets.


Ariel from Mermaid Glitter Design.

Bo Peep from Neverbug Creations.


Effie Trinket from Deconstructress.


Rapunzel from Playful Princesses.


Minnie Mouse from Lynn’s Rags.

Peter Pan from Neverbug Creations.


Katy Perry from Glamtastik.


Esmerelda from Mom 2 RTK.

Vintage pageant queen from Two Orange Jars.


Red Riding Hood from Time After Time Designs.


Black Swan from Decontructress.

Poison Ivy from Delphina 123.


Pochahontas from Neverbug Creations.


Upcycled Sock Monkey from Endure Designs.



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