6 Animals Who Know How to Enjoy Life

The break-neck speed of the modern world makes the idea of “life balance” an almost laughable concept.

Between work responsibilities, family duties, and social obligations, there’s little time left for any of us to slow down and savor life’s simple pleasures. We don’t have time to relax. We don’t have time to exercise. We don’t have time to [insert desired activity].

The animal kingdom however, has managed to remain immune from the disease of fast-paced progress that threatens to swallow humanity whole. They still seem to understand the value of engaging in activities that make life worth living.

Here are 6 ways to enjoy life that you may have forgotten, but your pets have not:

1. Make new friends: (see above video)

See 5 more videos of animals making the most of each moment…

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2. Have a good old-fashioned tickle-fest:

3. Make a baby laugh:

4. Savor your food:

5. Spin some tunes with your best buddies:

6. Break a daily sweat:


The take-away: Stop procrastinating. This spring, commit yourself to taking the time to truly appreciate life’s blissful moments.

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By Anne-Marie Botek, AgingCare.com Editor


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i truly enjoyed all the videos, but I felt guilty about the lemir since it was in a pet shop and had been born there. At least, it seemed to be treated well. Loved the kitty being tickled; so cute. A good way to end the night; God's in his heavens and all is well with the universe for these six animals.

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