7 Habits of People with Radiant Skin

While good genes do play a part in determining how our skin looks, it is really nurture that makes all the difference. Those who pay attention to the small daily needs of their skin are rewarded with a glowing complexion and youthful look. Here is a short list of some ways they pamper their skin:

They make sure they get adequate sleep at night. Between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night helps renew cells and puts a glow on your face.

They exfoliate regularly. Gently scrubbing pollutants and dead cells off your skin leaves it feeling brighter and more youthful.

They clean the skin of make-up and grime every night before going to bed. This helps the pores breathe.

They keep skin well-hydrated by drinking plenty of water and healing liquids such as green tea, coconut water and fresh juice.

They include skin-friendly foods in their diet: almonds, carrots, apples and papaya top the list. And because they know that fatty, greasy foods result in clogged pores and a dull look, people who value the health of their skin keep away from fries, heavy sauces and sugar-rich desserts.

They move a lot! Be it walking, dancing, yoga or gymnastics, people who care about their skin know that a regular exercise routine is essential for efficient blood circulation, rewarding them with radiance.

They smile often. Their skin promptly reflects the inner glow that comes from being positive and happy.




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i do all of this ty :)

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On coconut water:
Since it is such a hyped ingredient in the US, demand has climbed quickly.
Coconut is a food that logs a lot of miles before it hits the US.

I think a native, or at least locally grown option should be found.

On skin:
water, water,water! Eat foods that support collagen production (good for your joints, too)

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