7 Hacks for Your Healthiest Summer Ever

Summer is officially here! You probably have lots of ideas for how you are going to make this most of this summeróhow you wonít just spend a shocking amount of time on your couch binge-watching whatever new award-winning drama Netflix or HBO comes up with. “This summer, everythingís going to be different,” you say.

But how are you going to avoid falling into the same old habits this time†and squandering the beautiful, blissfully long days? You’re going to have to make a real effort. Youíre going to need†to actively curate your summer.

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Healthy Summer Hacks

Use these summer hacks to create a plan for your happiest and healthiest summer yet.

1. Move and eat clean.

How can you make your summer healthier? The obvious answer is to eat lots of those juicy fruits and veggies that are finally in season and keep your body moving. Itís the easiest time be physically active and stock up on greens, so take advantage.

2. Practice saying NO.

Itís your summer. Do what you want to do. Donít volunteer to help out with a community play, because you feel like you should. Donít get roped in to working weekends, when youíd rather be out on a lake.

Only agree to do things that actually excite you, and donít spread yourself thin doing things to please other people.

Deciding what you say ‘no’ to is actually more important than what you say ‘yes’ to. This alone will drastically shape your summer into a much healthier and happier season.

3. Take a big step out of your comfort zone.

Do at least one thing this summer that seems a little daunting.

Maybe itís an arts workshop youíve always dreamed of attending halfway across the country. Maybe itís applying for a new job. Maybe you sign up for your first triathlon or take your musical skills out of the garage to†finally seek out your first gig.

We grow the most when we push to the outer boundaries of our comfort zones. Use this summer to expand yourself and evolveóeven just a little bitóinto the person youíve always desired to be.

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4. Donít sardine-can your summer plans.

Summer is three months long, but in reality, the fun lasts for a little over two months: July and August. The key to a healthy summer is not to jam-pack those eight weeks with big trips, projects, events, and commitments.

A†fun, busy summer is a good thing, overbooking yourself means youíll show up at September’s†door exhausted and depleted.

Instead, expertly curate your summer. Museums donít plaster every available inch of their walls with any art they can find. They leave huge amounts of white space in between truly exquisite, famous paintings so that viewers can have the space to appreciate each individually. Donít be afraid to treat your summer plans the same way.

5. Optimize your home for relaxation.

Maybe you donít want to make big plans to travel this summer. Thatís totally okay! Spending time at home can actually be just as rejuvenating, provided you give your home a little summer reboot.

First off, give your place a deep, deep cleaning early on in the summer. Clutter can actually cause more stress than you might realize.

Once you’ve decluttered, do a little reorganization. Move some furniture around, add in a few more houseplants, simplify your decor, find creative ways to encourage more natural light into your rooms. Addressing the energy in your house†can make staying at home infinitely more enjoyable and restorative.

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6. Create a daily summer ritual that includes outdoors time.

Summertime is the perfect time of year to stock up on vitamin D, feel the ground beneath your feet, fend off depression with lots of sunlight, and listen to the sounds of nature.

The rituals you use throughout the rest of the year simply arenít going to cut it for summer. Design a ritual that involves outdoor time. Whether you sit outside every day to enjoy your morning coffee or you stick to an afternoon jog, there is no better time to be outdoors.

7. Enjoy pockets of happiness, both large and small.

Just because this is going to be your healthiest summer ever doesnít mean you should feel pressured to go really big.

If you want to go on a massive road trip, have a blast! But if youíd rather spend more time with your friends and practicing your hobbies, that is just as exciting.

You can find happiness anywhere if youíre looking for it, even something simple as a really delicious cup of morning coffee. Don’t feel pressured to brave the hoards of tourists and go on a trip if you don’t really want to.

What are your plans for the summer? How will you design this summer to be your healthiest, happiest summer yet? Share your ideas with the community below!

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