7 iPhone Apps to Help You Live Green

By Kelsey Murray for DietsInReview.com

What if you had a tool at your fingertips that could help you save the world? As the marketing so rightly suggests, there’s an app for that, and if you have an iPhone then you’re one step closer to being a world-saving superhero.

With any of the seven iPhone apps we describe here, you will be able to make your world a little greener, and that seems just about as superhero-ish as anything Batman ever did in the Marvel comics.

Plus, five of these apps are completely free, helping you save a little green.

1. Avego. Do you want to carpool to reduce the pollutants released during your daily commute to work? With Avego, you can view the profiles of others who are interested in ride-sharing to find people who are headed in the same direction you are. You can also see how other Avego users have rated other members, which makes this a safer option than just posting an ad on the Internet. Another benefit is that this app calculates how much money each person should pay for gas. This app is free.

2. Fooducate. This app allows you to scan barcodes on your favorite food products to get a full nutritional report. In addition, the app will tell you if there are any additives in the foods that could be harmful to you or the environment. If there are any bad additives in your food, Fooducate will suggest alternatives for the product. This app is free. Learn more by watching our interview with Fooducate creator Hemi Weingarten.

3. iRecycle. Do you ever wonder which products you can recycle and which ones you can’t? Sometimes it can get so confusing that you may end up throwing recyclables in the trash. Luckily, iRecycle will help you understand how to recycle more than 240 different materials in your city. Now that’s handy! This app is free.

4. Farmers Market Finder. This app is similar to the Locavore app, which helps you find local farmers markets. However, this app does a little extra legwork and not only tells you where farmers markets are, but also tells you where you can find CSAs, pick-your-own gardens/orchards, and open markets. It also provides up-to-date information on weather cancellations and parking information. This app is free.

5. LiveNeutral. Ever curious just how big your carbon footprint really is? There’s no guessing with this app because it has several calculators with that answer. Once you know how big your footprint really is, you can purchase credits on the website to offset your impact on the environment. The funds raised from these credits support projects that reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in the air. This app is free.

6. EcoCharge. I know that I often plug my phone in to charge and end up leaving it connected for much longer than I really need to, therefore wasting energy. This app will help you stop doing this by alerting you when your phone’s battery is completely charged. It also gives you a friendly sustainable living tip whenever you open it, which can help you to think green all the time. This app costs 99 cents.

7. Erase Carbon Footprint. How can we offset carbon emissions in the air? By planting a tree! However, unless you have a big yard where you can plant a whole forest, this might not be an option for you. Instead, you can pay $17.50 per tree and the people at Erase Carbon Footprint will plant a tree for you. They will also provide an address where your tree is located, so you can watch it grow. This is a pretty cool idea that would make a great holiday or birthday gift for the environment-lovers in your life.

Thanks to The Well Daily for sharing these great app finds.


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Live long and prosper!

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Totally getting these for my tablet! Thanks care2 :-)

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I wish I had an iPhone...

Cathy H.
Cathy Hunter6 years ago

Yes, I worry about the ever-increasing use of electronic gadgets that use rare earth minerals. And I think some are manufactured with questionable labor practices.

Carol P.
Carol P6 years ago

I can't help but see the irony – using an electronic device that constantly needs to be charged to help the environment. Of course, I'm typing on my plugged-in computer as well. Aren't we all hypocrites in some way or another?