7 of the World’s Most Stunning Swimming Spots


Imagine swimming next to one of the world’s biggest waterfalls, perhaps. Or swimming with thousands of jellyfish, or in a place where every movement brings on a neon blue trail. As magical as it all sounds, all of these places are quite real. Click through for these and more of the world’s most amazing spots to take a dip.

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1. Devil’s Swimming Pool, Zambia

How much money would you need to get in that water?! Only a natural rock barrier protects these swimmers from falling nearly 300 feet down one of the world’s most prolific waterfalls. Indeed, when the river level is just right, Devil’s Swimming Pools is nearly as popular of a destination as Victoria Falls itself! Though it is possible to stay perfectly safe here, accidental deaths have been reported.

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


2.Yuba River, California

With the gorgeous scenery of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and plenty of jump rocks and waterfalls, the Yuba River is already an amazing place to swim. But there’s something that makes this river extra special: the gold-inflected water! Though there’s probably not enough to make you rich, you’ll find some flakes just by scooping up a handful of sand.

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3. Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico

Known as Bio Bay, this swim spot is perhaps the brightest and largest of its kind. In the dark, any movement in the water leaves behind a neon blue trail.

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Image Credit:spi516 via Flickr

4. Jellyfish Lake, Palau

Journey to the uninhabited island Eli Malk in the tiny Pacific nation of Palau and you’ll find an awe-inspiring site: a freshwater lake teeming with two different species of jellyfish! Tourists are allowed to snorkel in the lake (not scuba dive) and no, the jellyfish’s stinging cells don’t harm humans.

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Image Credit: tata_aka_T via Flickr


5. Crater Lake, Oregon

Though only a small portion of Crater Lake is swimmable, the stunning natural scenery sure makes up for it! What’s more, Crater Lake is considered one of the clearest in the world.

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6. Dead Sea, Israel/West Bank/Jordan

No swimming needed here — the salty sea makes it so easy to float! Indeed, it’s impossible to sink in these waters, and it’s quite difficult to actually swim. Pro tip: don’t even think about shaving soon before you enter the salty water.

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7. South Branch Potomac River, West Virginia

In a perfect world, you could go tubing down a river and magically end up back where you started. Unfortunately, outside of water parks, nature doesn’t work that way. Unless, of course, you’re tubing down this portion of the Potomac River!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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