7 Surprising — and Safe — Uses for Sugar

Health experts sometimes call it “white poison,” or “sweet killer.” And while I have an impossible-to-control sweet tooth, I do realize that sugar is best avoided if you want to stay trim, keep your blood pressure balanced and protect yourself from some major illnesses. Read more about the staggering dangers of sugar here.

But in this article, I just want to list the good uses to which sugar can be put. No danger to your health — just pure benefit!

Get rid of roaches.

Mix sugar with an equal amount of baking powder. The sugar will attract cockroaches, and the baking powder will damage their digestive system. Make sure the mixture is not kept anywhere close to small children or pets.

Keep your cakes fresh longer.

Sprinkle fine sugar over cakes, and they will retain their freshness for a longer time. Bonus: they taste better!

Help your flowers stay abloom.

Have a bunch of blossoms and want to make them last? Offer them a sweet treat: 3 tbsp sugar + 2 tbsp white vinegar + 1 quart warm water = happy flowers! The sugar feeds the stems and the vinegar restricts the growth of bacteria.

Clean your coffee grinder.

Sugar absorbs the smells of coffee and spice. Whirl some granulated sugar in your coffee grinder to get it ready for fresh use!

Quell a Burn.

Tongue on fire from a hot chile or overheated beverage? Suck on a sugar cube. It will soothe your scorched mouth instantly.

Refresh your skin.

The fact that sugar exfoliates is something we all know. But mix it with a mashed banana that has turned overripe, and the scrub turns even more effective. A simpler way is to mix sugar with olive or almond oil, and apply it all over your skin, then step into the shower to get rid of the dead cells and emerge radiant!

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Heal a wound.

A study shows that pouring granulated sugar on to bed sores, leg ulcers or amputations before dressing can kill the bacteria that prevents healing and causes chronic pain. The secret: Bacteria need water to survive but sugar draws water from the wound into the dressing.

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