7 Pets Who Think They’re People


Some pets just can’t be bothered with the facts — who can blame them?! Indeed, our furry friends like to think of themselves as one of us. Click through to check out 7 of them.

Does your pet ever think it’s a person? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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1. Crossing Arms, Crossing Legs.

What a polite little pooch!

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2. Oh Hi There!

See ya later Sally — say “hey” to the folks for me!

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3. Hard at Work.

She’ll get you those TPS reports by noon, or as soon as she develops opposable thumbs — whichever comes first!

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4. Designated Driver.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a chauffeur?

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5. The Cat Boxer

What moves on that one!

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6. Couch Potato

Well how else would you watch TV?!

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7. Stand up!

Sitting is for lesser cats.

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The arrangement of videos and titles/text is a bit confusing - why don't the put the title first and the video underneath? Also, one video didn't work - "private". Is Care2 using videos without proper authorization and permission of the owners?

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