7 Super Clever Cats (Videos)


Last week, we brought you videos of some of the web’s most intelligent dogs. Now it’s time for cats to show off their smarts. Click through to check out some really clever cats, and tell us about your favorite feline in the comments section!

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1. The Sneaky Acrobat

If you’ve ever wondered where the heck all of your frozen fish sticks went, this guy might be the culprit!

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2. The Baby Whisperer

This gentle feline sure knows how to calm a crying baby down.

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3. Open Sesame

Don’t wanna feed me? Fine — I’ll do it myself!

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4. Helper Kitty

Now here’s a cat we can get behind — one that does the dishes

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5. Guessing Game

I’ve seen humans play this game on the subway for money. If this clever cat were a contestant, she’d be a rich!

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6. In Conversation

If only we knew what they were talking about!

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7. Cat Burglar

California kitty Dusty has been discovered as the perpetrator of over 600 robberies in his neighborhood. His favorite item to steal? Bathing suits. Fortunately, the neighbors know just where to go when they find something missing.

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William C.
William C1 years ago

Thank you.

Past Member 3 years ago


Natalie W.
Natalie W.3 years ago

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Wisteria K.
Past Member 4 years ago

The cat burglar !
While other cats go out doing their regulat job,patrolling their territory and catching mice this cat goes out and fetch things that belongs to humans.
Hmm, I would like to read the cat psychologists analyzes of this cat. What is the unhappy cat childhood that causes this criminal behavior? He does not know any cats mission in life is to hunt mice and rodents .......not bikini tops and sneakers.

Past Member
dee j4 years ago

awesome little critters. I don't have a cat. I'm a dog person myself, but cats sure are funny. loved all the videos. thanks for sharing

Mary T.
Mary T4 years ago

loved all seven videos, but scared for the first cat, hope the fridge is stable and wont fall on the cat

Melania Padilla
Melania Padilla5 years ago

Ja love cats! Sharing

Dale O.

Cats rule...always!

Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ
Sonia M5 years ago

Smart cats.Thanks for sharing