7 Rituals for the Spring Equinox

This year, the Spring Equinox occurs on Monday, March 20. Arguably the most fun equinox, the return of Spring corresponds with longer days, an emphasis on fertility and rebirth, the reawakening of plants and animals and the general blossoming of the world around us. Sounds pretty great, right? That’s because it is.

If you’re excited to herald the Spring, here are seven rituals to enjoy — no matter your religion or worldview — on this first day of the season.

Start The Morning With Sun Salutations

The arrival of spring means that the days are starting to get longer again. The sun is now shining longer than it has in quite a while, and our part of the Earth is moving closer and closer to the sun with each passing day. As such, it’s extremely appropriate to celebrate Spring by honoring our friend, the Sun.

Start your morning with Sun salutations that honor our favorite star, whether it has come out to shine or not. Even if the day is cloudy, know that the Sun is still inching ever closer to us now that Spring is here.

Decorate With Flowers

Flowers are a quintessential element of Spring, so they’re the perfect symbol of the Spring Equinox. Pick up a lovely, organic bouquet of fresh flowers today and place it somewhere you’re bound to notice it, such as the kitchen table. If you have a spiritual altar, it’s also a good idea to scatter petals around this area of your home.

Make a Picnic

If the weather is clear, pack a picnic and enjoy your lunch alfresco today. Even if it’s only warm enough to stay out for a little while, try to eat some nourishing food in the company of the Sun. The most appropriate foods to enjoy are seasonal fruits and vegetables like asparagus and apricot, as well as foods symbolic of fertility, such as eggs and honey.

Plant Seeds

Whether you’re a gardener or not, now is the day to plant some seeds. If you’ve been waiting for the right time to set up your flower beds for the season, do it today. If you’re not much of a green thumb, plant some basic herbs in small pots and place them in your windowsill.

Celebrate Fertility

Spring has long been correlated with a celebration of fertility. That makes today a fantastic day to make love, whether you’re trying to get pregnant or not.

“The Festival of Eostre (recognise the word Easter?) or Ostara is the rite for fire and fertility, which celebrates the return of the Sun (son?) or the God, and the fertility of the Earth Goddess,” writes Monika Carless for Elephant Journal. “Goddess stretches herself over the land, bringing new life and God walks the green fields and shows delight in new life sprouting. That is positively romantic, this coming together of God and Goddess energy to bless all who inhabit the planet.”

If you’re in a relationship, celebrate the season with a romantic date with your partner. And if you’re single, feel free to celebrate the beauty of solo sexuality.

Burn Jasmine or Rose Incense

Jasmine and rose scents are correlated with the Spring Equinox. When evening arrives, fragrance your home with the sweet smells of these fresh flowers. A great time to burn incense is during your evening meditation, which brings us to our final point…

Meditate on Equilibrium

The Spring Equinox may center around fertility, but it also has a second theme: equilibrium. Unlike the solstices, which bring about the longest and shortest days of the year, the equinoxes are equal parts day and night. This means that they are great opportunities for focusing on balance and binaries.

While burning your incense, meditate on how you can bring better balance into your life. A journal can be a great tool to help you do this. Where is your life out of equilibrium? Perhaps you need to work less, exercise more, eat more vegetables or reduce your intake of sugar. Or maybe your equilibrium shift needs to be purely mental. Maybe you spend your time obsessing about certain things, rather than living in the moment. Regardless of the area in which your life feels unbalanced, now’s the time to give it some thought and set some intentions for the coming season.


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