7 Simple Habits to Heal Your Gut and Boost Your Health

The gut affects our brain and overall health. Poor gut health has been linked to depression, obesity, inflammation and a weak immune system.

Just like losing weight, improving gut health comes down to your daily habits. Some habits increase good gut bacteria and as result, heal the gut. Bad habits on the other hand, increase bad bacteria, which opens the door for different diseases.

Just because you don’t struggle with irritable bowel syndrome or bloating doesn’t mean your gut is healthy. Poor gut health can manifest itself in different body parts. Your allergies, weight gain or depression could be a sign of an unhealthy gut.

Luckily, you can start improving your gut health today. Here are 7 habits that can heal your gut and boost your health.

1. Sweat it out every day

Did you know that your gut bacteria love exercise? Researchers found that microbiomes of regular exercisers are more diverse compared to those of sedentary people.

Animal studies showed similar results.

It doesn’t matter whether you do strength training or cardio. As long as you exercise consistently, your gut health will improve.

2. Eat fiber in every meal

We all know that high fiber intake aids weight loss. However, not everyone knows that fiber can heal the gut.

Some healthy gut bacteria feed on fibrous foods. Therefore, eating fiber in every meal can promote the growth of these good bacteria.

Adding avocado to meals is a great way to increase fiber intake. You may also want to snack on fruits and fiber. With this list, you won’t run out of high fiber foods to eat.

3. Drink bone broth daily

Bone broth won’t just improve your gut health. It’s one of the best sources of collagen, a nutrient that keeps the skin young. In addition, collagen reduces intestinal inflammation and heals gut lining.

Don’t feel left out if you’re vegan, here’s how to make vegan bone broth. Drink a glass of bone broth every day.

4. Cut back of sugar

I know, I know, you’re hearing this for the millionth time. Well, it wouldn’t be said so many times if it weren’t important.

Sugar and artificial sweeteners support the growth of bad bacteria and as a result, increase sugar cravings and risk of obesity.

The best thing is to reduce sugar intake even from natural sources such as fruits and grains.

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5. Take probiotics

Every health outlet is talking about probiotics. And it’s for a good reason—they support gut health.

You’ll be happy to find out that probiotics can make you feel better emotionally. This study found that taking probiotics for 4 weeks reduced sadness.

Kimchi, yogurt, miso, pickles, kefir and kombucha tea are good sources of probiotics. Feel free to take probiotic supplements every other day.

6. Reduce stress

According to research, stress has a negative effect on the gut bacteria.

Even though it takes time to relieve stress, a few minutes of meditation or walking can make you feel better.

Instead of coming up with a big plan on how to de-stress, focus on easy daily habits that reduce stress. Simple things like watching comedy clips can help you feel better.

7. Go vegan

Research shows that a vegan diet can improve composition of gut microbiome.

According to this study, the gut health of participants improved in 4 days after switching from a meat-based diet to a vegetarian diet. Research shows that vegans and vegetarians have similar gut profiles.

Do you know other habits that help heal the gut?


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