7 Surprising Ways to Use Pet Hair

Pet hair here, pet hair there, pet hair everywhere! Yep, if there’s anything pet parents have plenty of, it’s pet hair, so why not put some if it to good use? Read on for clever ways to reuse your animal friend’s hair.



Do Good.

1. Save the Planet. Most people’s hair gets greasy when it hasn’t been washed because it soaks up oil — hence the need for shampoo! And while that might not always be so great for our hygiene, it can be great for the environment. The California-based nonprofit Matter of Trust accepts donations of both pet and human hair and ships them off to help clean up oil spills. The donated hair is stuffed into hosiery and made into “booms” that are dispatched to polluted waters. Click here for detailed information on donating to this great cause.


Get Crafty!

2. Make Yarn. It might seem a little strange to sport a sweater  or scarf knitted from your pet, but, hey, it’s been going on for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years! Save up all that hair and spin it yourself. Or, for the less crafty among us, there are plenty of skilled artists out there (Etsy is a great resource for this) who will spin the yarn and make something great for you.

3. Use as a Stuffing. Making pillows? Pet hair makes a great stuffing.

4. Make Cat Toys. True to feline form, cats love toys made out of their own fur. And, if made properly, you don’t have to worry about any hairball problems! Watch this video for detailed instructions.



In the Garden.

5. Compost. Nitrogen-rich pet hair can works wonders on your soil. Because the stuff takes so long to decompose, your best bet is to cut the hair into smaller strands before adding it to your compost bin, or skipping the compost all together and adding it straight to the soil.

6. Help the Birds. Birds will.. er… fly at the chance to use pet hair to build their nests. You can place a basket in your yard filled with pet hair and other nest-building materials, like twigs, pine needles, and strips of bark. Don’t offer pet hair from animals that haven been chemically treated for fleas or ticks, however.

7. Ward Off Pests. Pesky slugs and snails feasting on your garden? Ward them off by sprinkling pet hair around your plants. This can also work for bigger pests like gophers, rabbits, raccoons, chipmunks, deer and other critters.

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