7 Vital Nutrients in Broccoli

My friend finds broccoli a bit amusing. “What kind of cauliflower is this,” she wonders. “A green one at that!”

I have trained myself to like broccoli because I know it packs in a load of health benefits. I have learned that it tastes best when blanched, seasoned and drizzled with some lemon juice and olive oil. I enjoy it in pasta, and I find broccoli soup very comforting, especially with a sprinkling of roasted and sliced almonds.

Each time you eat broccoli, congratulate yourself for being health conscious. Look at the nutrients it lavishes on you:

Vitamin A: Known for its vital role in maintaining good vision and improving skin health, vitamin A also boosts immune function, keeping infections at bay. Broccoli has a good concentration of beta-carotene (pro-Vitamin A).

Vitamin C: Vitamin Csynthesizes collagen, which nourishes tissue and keeps skin healthy and young. This antioxidant vitamin plays a role in regulating cholesterol levels, and strengthens the immune system, too. We humans do not produce Vitamin C, and must obtain it from our food.Broccoliis a rich source.

Vitamin K: This vitamin is essential for blood to clot normally. It prevents bone loss and protects the liver. Broccoli is one of the best sources of this key vitamin.

Fiber: Of course, fiber keeps your digestion smooth. But it has many other important benefits: fiber is known to lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Calcium: Calcium is necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and bones, and it keeps nerve signals strong, and circulation brisk. Broccoli is among the most calcium-rich vegetables on earth. Two cups of it yield 124 mg of the mineral.

Potassium: One cup of steamed broccoli has more than 500 mg of potassium, which is responsible for healthy nerve response, muscular contractions and maintenance of cell fluid levels.

Magnesium: This essential mineral governs hundreds of biochemical reactions in our body. It regulates body temperature, detoxifies, gives energy and strengthens bones and teeth. Broccoli is a good source of magnesium.


15 Ways to Use Brocoli




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Have to smile...green cauliflower. My kids call it trees, and cauliflower is Christmas trees, white with snow. There are heirloom varieties of green, yellow, and purple cauliflower, all individual colors though. It tastes like...well...cauliflower. :-) Will eat more broccoli, we love it. Thanks.

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Best way is to blanched it, are you an idiot? You like it best when it is blanched and all the flavor is removed, others prefer it roasted, some prefer it stir fried.

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