7 Wackiest Fried Foods

By Sage Romano, DivineCaroline

Corn dogs, curly fries, onion rings, and funnel cake are standard carnival fare, but lately the deep-fryers have been seeing some not-so-standard ingredients. The result is some of the craziest fried innovations we’ve ever seen. Check out these seven over-the-top fair foods that you’ll be shocked to see at the concession stand!

Deep-Fried Candy Bar

Chocolaty caramely goodness not quite enough for you? And really, why should it be when you can batter and fry that Baby Ruth and add “golden and crispy” to the long list of standard candy-bar attributes?

Photo courtesy of problemgirl (cc)

Deep-Fried Pickles

Once a staple of the Southern states, battered and fried pickle spears are turning up as unexpected gourmet fare in fancier places around the country. Bernell “Fatman” Austin, reported innovator of the deep-fried dill pickle, might not approve of such highfalutin digs for his beloved creation. But who can argue over easier access to fried pickles?

Photo courtesy of cannellfan (cc)

Deep-Fried Oreos

Oreos have always been a heavily ritualized food—everyone has their own personal way of going at one, whether it’s eating the stuffing first, eating the cookie first, or a combination of licking and nibbling. When you deep-fry an Oreo, however, those options are obliterated, and you are obliged to eat it as one inseparable unit.

Photo courtesy of razvan.orendovici (cc)

Deep-Fried Burger

Do you hear the weeping? The pleas for mercy? The horrified screams? That’s your arteries contemplating a deep-fried hamburger. But, really, aren’t you just a little bit tempted? Sure, it might be the most disgusting thing you’ve ever made the mistake of putting in your mouth. There’s only one way to know.

Photo courtesy of istolethetv (cc)

Deep-Fried Butter

If you thought the deep-fried burger was bad, the idea of deep-fried butter should really make your toes curl. Just contemplating the extreme lard-on-fat nature of it can make your jeans feel tighter. Unlike the pickles, this particular delectable hasn’t yet made its way to the mainstream; it’s found in its natural environment of county fairs and swap meets. But you never know what will be the next food fad to sweep the nation.

Photo courtesy of Bob B. Brown (cc)

Deep-Fried Bugs

Fried roaches, crickets, grubs, and flies have been a tourist-shocking staple of exotic foreign markets from Taipei to Bangkok, but now it seems they’re turning up at everyday all-American events, too. Surely these particular fried edibles exist more for shock value than as an actual tasty treat, ŕ la cotton candy or corn dogs. Right? Or at least we hope so.

Photo courtesy of llanosom (cc)

Deep-Fried Kool-Aid

Further proof that you can truly deep-fry anything. Take a substance that’s meant to be a cool and refreshing beverage, and turn it into a greasy, tart-sweet-salty treat. This is seemingly the logic of Charlie Boghosian, the self-proclaimed king of all things deep-fried. He enjoyed Kool-Aid as a child and thought, well, why not deep-fry it. Completely logical when you’re the king of deep-frying stuff.

Photo courtesy of Any Day Mona (cc)

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don't think I could eat any of the fried food...lol..like fried chicken but pickles no thank you

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I LOVE fried ice cream, but can no longer find it locally. A once in a blue moon special treat.

Summerannie Moon
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good grief ........gross, The deep fried chocolate bar was first introduced in England decades ago.

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Victoria P.
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While I have to admit I might try the deep fried beer from the other article and MAYBE, maybe some of the bugs in the right circumstances--a $$ bribe might have to happen--the deep fried butter has me concerned for people's sanity and health. Really??!

Kamryn M.
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2012 definitely had these beat.

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thanks for sharing

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