8 Ways to be Cool & Happy Despite a Heat Wave

Green Divas are keeping cool and having fun in the Toyota MPG Challenge*

I’m not sure what the temperature is where you are, but here in New Jersey we are experiencing a string of seriously steamy days that makes going out the door feel more like walking into a sauna. Everyone seems a little cranky and we are all getting weary from talk of the weather and idiotic posts on Facebook about popped corn and God cooking NJ (yes, I am guilty of sharing both of these, because they made me LOL at a weak moment and I just couldn’t help myself).

Despite the lack of cool air in the studio (thank you Mercury Retrograde and failed central air!), we had a wonderful show and now I know we can be cool and have fun regardless of the high temperatures.

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Here are some things I learned about staying cool in a stinky LONG heat wave

  1. Find Balance – I’m currently driving a fabulous Toyota Prius Plug-in in a 30-day MPG Challenge for charity. There are several of us in the New York metro area trying to get the highest average MPGe to win money for our chosen charities — my charity is Eleventh Hour Rescue. They saved my gorgeous girl Gracie and I’m seriously motivated to win. So, I got it in my head that driving without air conditioning was necessary. That lasted for about 5 minutes on the hot highway, midday in the severe heat we’ve been having. I know opening the windows lowers MPG from drag, but I began alternating between having the AC on, recycling the air as long as possible, then opening the windows, which is when I discovered that this was probably what it would feel like to be in a windy sauna. There was NO relief without the AC. Sorry Eleventh Hour. I’m doing my best not to have heat stroke while driving and remain hopeful that my competitors aren’t any more stoic than me about driving in this heat!

  3. Stay Hydrated – I seem to get dehydrated quickly without even knowing it! I try to drink more fresh, clean and cool water and less of my beloved tea, which tends to ultimately dehydrate from the caffeine. I’m very lucky to have an extraordinary water filtration system installed in my home by Pur2o, so I can fill up my glass or stainless steel bottles and keep hydrated on the road.

    GD Meg's Gazpacho in an Upcycled Salsa Jar


  5. Eat Fresh & Healthy – I have been making gazpacho and keeping a cold batch at the ready in the refrigerator. Some of the herbs and veggies come from my garden, but I got to visit my town’s farmer’s market (it was already 90 degrees in the shade @ 9am!) to get more fresh supplies. I’ve also been making fresh organic fruit salad and keeping that on-hand as well. It is refreshing, cooling and healthy. Green Dude Eco Ed did a great segment on why eating local is so important. Please listen to this short podcast
  6. Keep a Sense of Humor – Being silly and having fun can help me get through a lot, hence the homage to Freddie Mercury and Wayne’s World in the video above. *it is important to play safe, so I want to be clear, we were driving literally 5 miles per hour around my very sleepy block.

    Silly stuff in the GD studio - not necessarily GD philosophy

  7. Keep an Eye on Family, Friends & Neighbors who may be at Risk in Extreme Heat - Not everyone has air conditioning and even if they do, people with health conditions as well as the elderly could be at risk or may not be able to get out to get food or medications. Please pay extra attention to those who may need assistance – hey, it’s just another great reason to visit.
  8. Play Fun Indoor Games – Maybe create a fun indoor picnic and getting out the family’s favorite board games for a special hot day/fun day full of activities for safe, cool fun.
  9. Don’t be Bugged by Bugs – It’s great to get outside in the evening even if it is still 90 degrees, but those bugs can be pretty pesky if not downright annoying. Green Diva Mizar shared a great, effective non-toxic but repellent recipe with us this week on the Green Divas website. Here’s a quick podcast of the DIY segment where she describes it:
  10. Listen to Your Favorite Uplifting, Inspiring & Fun Podcast! Ok, so here’s a fairly shameless plug . . . Aside from the Green Divas Radio Show, Green Diva Studio is now producing an inspiring podcast series by actress and storyteller, Kristin Ace called Good Vibrations with Kristin. Hope you will lift your vibrations with Kristin, and of course the latest Green Divas Radio Show podcast:



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The only thing I can do to cool down - especially before I go to sleep - is to have a cool shower.

Construction methods in BC are often cheap with no thought given to the long term. As a result we use far too much energy trying to keep cool in summer and far too much heat in an attempt to keep warm in winter. It's as if they've never learnt about the climate or modern building methods. Even double-paned windows are not a regular fixture.
It's like going back in time ..........

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