7 Ways to Cultivate Inspiration

Inspiration is every creativeís muse. Even if you donít consider yourself creative, necessarily, youíve certainly felt the energizing effects of inspiration. What you may have noticed is how†getting inspired gives you a big boost of energy to plunge into a project but†can†leave you as quickly as it came.

You might have found yourself searching empty corners for inspiration’s remains and longing for the day it would return. Long no more, my friend. You can be an active participant in the cultivation of inspiration. If you want to be inspired, then know that passivity will surely lead you astray.

How to Cultivate Inspiration Every Day

Try these seven ways to actively cultivate inspiration in your life today.

Watch a compelling documentary to spark your inspiration.

1. Watch a documentary.

Netflix and other providers are bursting at the seams with new documentaries every single day on an array of topics. Every time I sit down to watch, one of two things happens:

  1. I become extremely sad or depressed about the state of our world
  2. I get a big kick of inspiration to take some form of action.

More often than not, number two occurs. Itís risky business but†worth taking the chance. Plop down on the couch and watch a documentary to give yourself a boost of inspiration.

Journaling can help you cultivate inspiration.

2. Journal.

Words capture the essence of life in a way that other mediums canít. Your thoughts float through your mind at lightning speed, so it can be difficult to understand what youíre feeling or what your opinion is.

When you sit down to journal, you can articulate as clearly or as messily as you need to get to the core of any feelings that are present for you.

A big block to inspiration can be unresolved and unacknowledged feelings. Journaling is the best way to get to the root of those feelings. When at the root you can shine the light of awareness, take a higher perspective, and feel a deep opening that inspiration swiftly fills.

A motivational speaker can spark inspiration.

3. Listen to a motivational speaker.

Podcasts, YouTube videos, audiobooks, you name it. Isnít it miraculous that we live in a day and age where we can have almost anything we want at the tips of our fingers? Itís amazing, believe you me.

Find a motivational speaker on one of these channels. Pop it on while out for a walk, driving in the car, or doing laundry. Stay connected this way every day and youíll keep the flow of inspiration coming.

A coach or mentor can help you hone in on what inspires you.

4. Hire a coach or mentor.

If you have the funds, then thereís no reason you canít pick yourself a coach or mentor from the plethora that are available today. Youíll want to do your research to find someone you resonate with who also has the skill and ability to support you on your journey in the right way.

Coaches are exactly what†you need when the going gets tough. If youíre reaching for big dreams, then you can amplify your success and level of inspiration by getting a coach on your team.

A good friend group can spark your inspiration.

5. Surround yourself with the right people.

Our environment has a huge impact on how we perform on a daily basis. If you steep yourself in negativity, then you will assimilate and become a negative person.

The same goes with positivity and inspiration. If you want to be continually inspired, then surround yourself with people who want the same thing and are being and doing that. Your circle influences you, and you influence your circle.

This is†an aspect of living that many underestimate, mostly because it can be difficult to break away from unhealthy relationships. But if you can muster the courage to build a new circle of supportive and inspiring people, then you can be harness the power that people and our environments have on our lives.

Spending time in nature can inspire you.

6. Spend time in nature.

When you feel like you need inspiration the most, youíre probably stressed out. Youíre thinking to yourself, ďWhy canít I just conjure inspiration so I can get this work done?Ē That stress only pushes inspiration farther out of your reach.

Step outside for a while and be with nature. Allow nature to dissolve your stress and widen your perspective and nurture your inspiration.

Meditation sparks inspiration!

7. Meditate.

Maybe itís raining outside, so you canít get into to nature to relieve stress and widen your perspective. But you can meditate. Right where you are, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and rest in the spaciousness within yourself.

Allow your thoughts to pass you by. In fact, just straight up ignore them. Itís the buying into your thoughts that stressed you out in the first place. And itís meditating on nothingness that can help you let go of them.

Final Thoughts

Inspiration is a wonderful thing. When youíre full of it, you can feel amazing, on top of the world, and on fire (in a good way).

But the pit of no inspiration can feel dreadful. What makes that pit feel worse is the belief that you canít get back to inspiration. Donít buy into it. What you do in the world is one part inspiration and one part showing up.

Sometimes just doing the work without inspiration will be the key to triggering it, too. Donít despair if you find yourself inspiration-less. Act instead.

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inspiration can be found in the light & in the dark of our lives...

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Numbers 5 and 6 and 7 are the absolute best ways for me. Great people and nature will always inspire me.