8 Excellent Snacking Strategies to Help You Lose Weight

Have you tried to kick your snacking habit but failed miserably? You don’t have to quit snacking. With the right strategy, snacking you can lose weight and maintain optimal health.

Snacking has a bad reputation for a good reason. Many of us snack on unhealthy foods that sabotage our health. Most people eat healthy during main meals but then munch on cookies and other sugary foods between meals.

Knowing the right foods to snack on may not be enough, though, so let’s look into the most effective snacking strategies.

Man cooking healthy weight loss smoothie with fresh fruits and green spinach

1. Dont snack while watching TV.

You’re probably familiar with mindful eating. It’s the practice of being present while eating and avoiding distractions. Research shows that mindful eating can prevent overeating and even help you overcome binge eating.

If you cut out distractions like chatting, watching TV or browsing social media, it’ll be easy to avoid overindulging.

2. Snack to fix nutritional deficiencies.

Do you suspect you have a nutritional deficiency? Use snacks to fix the problem.

For instance, if you suspect your body lacks magnesium, you can snack on almonds, cashews, dark chocolate and avocado.

You’re more likely to snack on unprocessed foods if you focus on fixing nutritional deficiencies. Stay away from fortified snacks, though, since these are often processed foods.

3. Snack on protein and fiber.

Most people snacks on foods that are high in calories and trigger sugar cravings. Replace these unhealthy snacks with those loaded with protein and fiber.

Both protein and fiber have been shown to curb hunger and enhance weight loss. Keep snacks such as unsalted nuts, apples, berries and smoothie ingredients in your house and at your desk.

4. Avoid skipping meals.

Do you usually skip meals to reduce your caloric intake? It’s not an effective strategy, unless you’re fasting.

Skipping meals usually leads to extreme hunger, which can make you overindulge in unhealthy snacks.

5. Dont keep unhealthy snacks in the kitchen.

You need to see this study before you conclude you’re addicted to unhealthy snacks. It says that easy access to unhealthy foods is a major reason why people overindulge. Another study suggests that you’re more likely to eat whatever is most visible in your home.

Simply removing unhealthy snacks from your kitchen will improve your diet. Replace the junks snacks with healthy alternatives, such as fruits, nuts, veggies and healthy carbs.

6. Plan for your snacks ahead of time.

Most people don’t plan to snack on unhealthy foods, but then hunger suddenly kicks in and they eat the first food in sight. To prevent this from happening, carry healthy snacks to work or when you travel.

7. Drink water before snacking.

You’re probably tired of being told to drink more water. But you need to take this advice seriously. Water increases fullness, which reduces chances of overindulging in snacks. It also boosts metabolism and promotes weight loss. If you aren’t already a water-drinker, start with these hydrating drinks.

According to this study, drinking water before main meals can help you lose weight faster. So why don’t you use the same strategy snacking?

8. Use your willpower.

You’ll naturally be drawn to the food you’re used to eating, so you need to use your willpower to beat those urges.

Simply believing you can overcome your cravings will make it easier for you to snack on healthy foods. Don’t believe me? Watch this video to realize how powerful your mindset is.


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