8 Foods that Keep You Full (Slideshow)


When it comes to your diet, it’s just as much about what you eat as how much you eat. A can of soda may have the same amount of calories as, say, a bowl of oatmeal, but it goes without saying that the latter will help you last through the morning without a trip to the vending machine. If you’re always feeling hungry, no matter how much you eat, it might be time to revamp your diet. Check out some of the most filling foods you can eat. You just might be surprised!

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1. Lentils & Beans.

You’ll find plenty of fiber, complex carbohydrates and protein in beans and lentils — some of the best components of a healthy and filling meal. Want more energy and lower cholesterol levels? Beans are your new best friend!

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2. Soup.

Broth-based soups with plenty of vegetables are one of the best options for keeping you fuller for longer. You can thank the high fiber and water content, in addition to the hot temperature for that. All three of these factors curb your appetite. Try eating a cup of soup before dinner.

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3. Oatmeal.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it’s best to kickstart your metabolism with a nutritious and, of course, filling meal. Loaded with fiber, oatmeal comes in as the most satiating breakfast option around.

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4. Oranges.

86% of this citrus fruit is water — and it has plenty of fiber to boot. Oranges are one of the best fruits you can eat to satisfy your hunger for longer. And remember: orange juice isn’t nearly as filling as the real deal, so stick with the whole fruit.

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5. Popcorn.

The next time you’re relaxing on the couch, skip the cookies and potato chips. Instead, make yourself a bowl of homemade popcorn. As long as you avoid drenching it in butter and salt, popcorn is a great, filling and healthy snack. Try flavoring with dried herbs and parmesan, or nutritional yeast and low-sodium soy sauce.

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6. Apples.

Apples may not be as trendy as acai berries or pomegranates, but this old standby is far and away one of the healthiest and most filling fruits around. With lots of fiber and a long digestion process, apples make you feel fuller longer than other popular fruits. Some research has even suggested that eating an apple 20 minutes before a meal will significantly reduce the amount of food you consume.

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7. Nuts.

Dieters are often apprehensive about eating nuts. Sure, they’re loaded with calories, but they also really fill you up. Studies have shown that regular nut snackers tend to be slimmer than people that don’t eat nuts.

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8. White Potatoes with Skins.

Without a doubt, white potatoes lead the pack in terms of foods that keep you full the longest. In fact, potatoesfill you up about 3 times more than white bread. How’s that for satisfying?! Be sure to eat the skins, too, and stick to boiled or baked.

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It really is very filling. So is the potato and oatmeal.

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A lot of people say oatmeal keeps them full.... it's never kept me full for more than two hours. I add fruit and healthy fat (nuts and/or nut butter), but it just never lasts that long. Ditto for soup. No matter how many veggies are in it, it's just a snack. Maybe it does help me eat less later, but it doesn't keep me full...