8 Simple Exercises for Chest Opening

So many of us spend the day hunched over a laptop or cell phone. These simple exercises for chest opening help combat all of that slouching.

When you slouch, your chest muscles tighten, and over time that can cause all kinds of pain and discomfort in both your chest and back. Not to mention the number it does on your posture! Stretching out the chest muscles while strengthening the upper back helps improve posture and counteract all of that time playing Pokemon Go on your phone. What, just me?

8 Simple Exercises for Chest Opening

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1. Sphinx Pose

There are a lot of yoga chest openers, but Sphinx Pose is probably the easiest one you can do. This is a very gentle back bend that almost anyone can practice.

2. Doorway Stretch

You can stretch both sides of your chest at once, like in the video above. If you’re a smaller person, like me, and your elbows don’t reach both sides of a doorway, you can also just do one side at a time. It takes a bit longer, but the results work just as well.

3. Reclined Twist

This stretch works the sides of the body, including the chest. It’s a very relaxing pose that feels great. Don’t worry about your knees touching the floor in this pose. Just let gravity do its thing. No matter how far your body can go, you’re getting the benefit. Those knees will sink down in time.

4. Chair Stretch

The great thing about this simple chest opening exercise is that you can practice it anywhere, even at your desk! Have a seat, and let’s stretch those chest muscles!

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5. Cat and Cow Pose

Really, is there anything that Cat and Cow Pose can’t do? Flow between these two stretches, and enjoy! Cow pose is the part of this mini-sequence that really stretches out the chest, so take nice, big, deep breaths as you sink into Cow to really get into those chest muscles.

6. Standing Chest Opener

This is another quick-and-easy chest stretch that you can do anywhere. Just intertwine your fingers behind your back, straighten your arms, and lift your hands away from your bottom until you feel a nice pull in the chest. Focus on pulling your shoulder blades together and pulling your shoulders down and back.

7. Cow Face Pose

The name may be similar, but this is a very different stretch than Cat and Cow Pose. Cow Face is a seated yoga position that stretches the hips and shoulders and opens the chest.

8. Standing Forward Bend

The video above explains how to do a standing forward bend with a chest-opening arm variation. If you can do the full pose, go for it! If not, he walks you through another variation that gives the same benefit.

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