8 Summer Dresses You Can DIY

In NYC, we’ve already had a few days of pure summer potential. With the warmer months right around the corner, check out these DIY looks to get your closest sunshine ready!

This upcycled dress from plumpicking was made using a men’s button-up top from Club Monaco. Simply cut the top off at the length you need and choose a comfy and cute tank top to sew on top. Want a middle? Use a stretchy band or ribbon you love that complements the combo. If you don’t have a manfriend to steal from, hit up the local Goodwill. There are tons of great finds to be had – you’ll be brainstorming new looks in no time!

Photo credit: plumpicking

This adorable DIY look by pondhopper was created by taking a simple black dress shape and adding ribbon shoulders – great for adjusting length and style. For further great detail, the dress was given individual hand-smocked ribbon ties across the bottom. Easy to create and cute to wear.

Photo credit: pondhopper

Love the look of a LBD but want something more simple? This one shoulder dress is the perfect creation for anyone new to sewing. While jersey is sometimes a tough fabric to work with, this easy cut leads to great trial draping. Once you’ve perfected your dress, be sure to top it off with fabulous accessories.

Photo credit: lamix

Chicchicka took a simple cotton dress and added flair by using fabric paint to embellish a pocket on the front. Take a look at your wardrobe (as we all should when the seasons change), but before dropping that bag off at the local thrift shop, check to see if there are any classic cuts you can update with fun doodles. If you mess it up – no harm, no foul!

Photo credit: Chicchicka

This light and airy floral sundress is perfect for anyone who likes to pack a punch with their look. ecothreadscouture used extra fabric from the middle section to wrap a large rose-like embellishment. This look would be perfect for the beach – so don’t forget to pack your homemade sugar scrubs!

Photo credit: ecothreadscouture

This upcycled babydoll dress from AnikaDesigns is the answer to your favorite T-shirt quilt that mom made you. Classic T-shirts are sewn together with a complimenting fabric up top to create a look that would fit right in at a summer music festival.

Photo credit: AnikaDesigns

Sometimes you find a super awesome blouse at your local shop but the only one left is a size too large. What’s a girl to do? Consider turning it into a dress! DressMeLoveLee added a vintage fabric to the bottom of this boho top to create a carefree summer look.

Photo credit: DressMeLoveLee

Second-hand stores are overrun with ugly Easter dresses of yore. Luckily, they sometimes feature some awesome, soft floral prints that make perfect upcycled summer dresses. This “goddess dress” from Lucysroom was chopped up at the bottom with ribbon sewn over-top the edges for a more romantic look.

Photo credit: Lucysroom

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No. 1 could be my fave but we can only see very little of it in the picture.

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the first I can't see clear, the second not very beautiful, the third one is ugly, the fourth is my best love, fashion. Good. the fifth not like DIY... tell you a summer dress store http://www.stylishsquare.com/summerdress.html

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