8 Thankful Pets (Videos)


It doesn’t take much to please a pet. Give ‘em a loving home, food, and lots of  play time, and you have yourself one happy dog or cat. So what are your pets thankful for this holiday season? Click through to check out some videos that just might answer that question!

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1. Daddy’s Home!

Wow, have a you seen a dog more thankful that their pet parent is home?! What’s amazing is that, according to the family, Bella the Boxer does this every time they come home!

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2. The Ultimate Cat Play Place

Rufus the cat has an ear infection, and really didn’t enjoy the 2 weeks of daily ear drops he had to endure. Feeling bad for the poor feline, Rufus’ pet parent built him the coolest play place ever!

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3. There’s Nothing Like Friendship

Kate the dog found an unlikely friend in Pippin the deer. As a fawn, Pip became an orphan, and Kate’s pet parents decided to rescue the helpless little gal. Kate and Pip formed a quick bond and, even though Pip lives in the wild, she always makes time to visit her dog friend!

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4. A Rescued Dog is a Happy Dog

Dogs want to be happy, safe, and healthy. Fiona came from terrible circumstances, but we’re sure she’s thankful for the love and attention she receives today!

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5. Having a Field Day

What’s this dog thankful for? Why, the great outdoors, of course!

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6. My Baby!

Aw, aren’t they the most adorable friends?!

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7. He’s Finally Home!

A video of this adorable pooch, Gracie, greeting her soldier pet parent after he returned from Afghanistan went viral a few years ago. The family even went on the Today Show to talk about how thankful Gracie was that her soldier returned safe and sound.

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8. Pets that Will be Thankful If…

You adopt them! Check out this fantastic photo series here, where photographer LaNola Stone captured pictures of the animals at her local shelter that had been there the longest. How can you resist those adorable faces?!

Click here to find cute, adoptable pets in your city.

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Paulinha Russell
Paulinha Russell2 years ago

Cute :)

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Niharika M3 years ago

Lovely Stories specially that of rescued dog !! :)

Sue H.
Sue H4 years ago

Wonderful videos, thanks.

Past Member
dee j4 years ago

really cute videos. I agree with katarzyna p. "not too sure if all of them were 'thankful' videos though, or just happy/excited" , but I was enjoying them so much that I had completely forgotten the title until I had read her comment. very enjoyable !!! thank you

Yvette S.
Yvette S4 years ago

Thanks for sharing

Yvette S.
Yvette S4 years ago

Very cute

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

too cute

Mark Tarrant
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A good view, real stars on film.

Angeles Madrazo
Angeles M5 years ago

Lovely videos! Thanks!

katarzyna phillips

not too sure if all of them were 'thankful' videos though, or just happy/excited etc. but the videos were sweet regardless and show a 'love' for their human counterparts, or a joyful part of their personality