9 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Women (That Men Will Love Too)

By Amanda Chatel for YourTango.com.

Well, well, gentlemen, it’s that time of year where your choice in gift means everything. Okay, maybe not everything. But no matter how much she claims not to care, you should not, under any circumstances, go halfheartedly into Valentine’s Day. It’s all or nothing, you guys.

First and foremost: Avoid the flowers and chocolates. You don’t want to be that guy. You want to display some individuality. You want to show her that you really know her. And if you can do all of that and get her something you can enjoy and indulge in too? Well, that would be a homerun. This day should be about the two of you—together. So double your pleasure with these Valentine’s Day gifts for her…that you’ll love too.

1. Adult toy box. There are so many perks about being an adult that to list them all would be exhausting. But one such extra special perk about being a grownup is a toy box full of goodies that provide lots of grownup fun. From vibrators (check out Durex’s dually pleasurable Ring Of Bliss) to edible lubricants to maybe some handcuffs and a paddle for a spank or two, an adult toy box for her means hours and hours of fun for both of you. Let your imagination run wild with all the accessories you can possibly stuff into one box!

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2. Dance class. Two left feet? Don’t sweat it. If you can let yourself go enough to be silly, slightly embarrassed and carefree, both you and she can truly enjoy a dance class together. Try something of the Latin persuasion—like body-grinding Salsa—and you’ll both be burning up inside if you’re stumbling to get the steps right.

3. Cooking class for couples. You love to eat. She loves to eat. It’s a shared pleasure! And unless you’re a professional, everyone can benefit from some culinary education. Find a local class that offers lessons for two, and get your hands dirty together. Then practice your culinary skills at home; Preparing meals and eating them together can be a very sensual act. Tantalizing her tongue and lips with deliciousness is practically foreplay. When it comes time for dessert, that’s when you can get really creative—and make it a doubly happy ending (wink, wink).

4. Fantasy dress-up kit. If you and your gal are no strangers to lingerie, then it might be time to take it step further with a kit of fantasies. What’s her fantasy? Perhaps you and she have wanted to play doctor and nurse, or French maid and big, bad, demanding boss. I mean, we all have dreamed up those scenarios at some point, haven’t we? All this gift takes is a trip to a costume store to pick up the essential pieces that will make the dress-up kit for her a winning gift of pure eroticism.

5. A hotel room for the night. Nothing says romance like getting away for the night. New surroundings are a delight on all the senses: the feel of the 500-thread count sheets, the sounds of the city below (or the absence of sound in the woods outside), and the sight of excitement in her eyes when she sees that you’ve done the room up right for the special day. Go ahead and cover the bed in rose petals—go full-cliché! Making love on a bed of roses is so bucket list-worthy.

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6. Sexy ‘Truth or Dare’. An evening of dirty games, if taken nice and slow, is a deliriously wonderful way to get you both in the mood. Without getting too explicit, because you want to leave the really dirty stuff for after the game, brainstorm a series of truths and dares for you and your partner to answer and act out. Between the verbal communication and the naughty behavior, the intimacy will be so intense that you’ll have to do everything in your power not to explode.

7. A love letter. Women like romance; It’s simple math. If you really want to make her swoon, then come clean about just how much she means to you. In compiling a letter of words, a CD of songs that remind you of her, or a photo book that documents your relationship, a “letter” of love, in any form, will not only score you points, but will touch her in ways you never knew possible. It’s a great tangible record of your love that you both can revisit over time. Go ahead, express yourself: It’s good for the soul.

8. Massage kit. A massage at a spa? Great. A massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Homerun. This is definitely a gift that she won’t forget very soon. With the right oils—like this intense assortment—candles for mood lighting, and the perfect soundtrack, you won’t just be working on her kinks and pain, but you’ll also be setting yourself up for some serious, how do we say, reciprocation of appreciation…I’m talking about getting a massage of your own. Get your mind out of the gutter!

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9. Concert tickets. Music lovers, take heed: Concert tickets are a thoughtful, romantic Valentine’s Day gift! Take her to see her favorite band—or any other performance she’s had her eye on. It’ll be a moment to share and remember, and that’s what Valentine’s Day is about, after all.

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