A Behind-The-Scenes Look at a Movie Garden

Robot + Frank, a Samuel Goldwyn Films release, follows the story of Frank Weld (played by Frank Langella), a “retired” thief living in upstate New York in the near future. He faces a bevy of life and health problems while living alone. When his son buys him a “VGC-60L” robot aide to take care of him, Frank’s life takes an interesting turn: Robot attempts to make him happier and healthier by cooking, cleaning—and building him a vegetable garden.

Eager to learn more about Robot’s garden-to-table mentality, Stacey, a contributing editor at Gardenista, turned to Sharon Lomofsky, the film’s production designer. “I think it’s a commentary on the future when we don’t go to the store and buy a vegetables,” she says. Instead, “we go out and grow vegetables again.”

Read on to learn more about the creation of the garden and to see a few of Sharon’s exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

Above: Robot waters the thriving vegetable garden, for which Sharon says they planted tomatoes, eggplants, chiles, radishes, herbs, carrots, and zucchini squash. All photos taken by Sharon Lomofsky.

Above: When considering the shape of the vegetable garden, Sharon explains that Jake, the film’s director, envisioned a circle. “He wanted this to be a robotic shape,” she says. “A manmade implant on a natural garden.” She and the art department took aluminum edging and created circles for the exterior.

Above: Sharon said the garden was a fun set to conceptualize, design, and make. She worked closely with New York-based greensman Will Sheck on the process.

Above: The completed project.

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Thank you for posting this article.

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this has gotten me more excited about how close I am to planting my annual small veggie garden, I can hardly wait!!

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Glad they didn't cheat with fake plants,the real ones look so healthy and much more effective.

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Christine Stewart

Nice, a real garden! I would have thought they would have "cheated" with full grown plants, pots hidden in the ground.

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