A DIY Clothes Line

Interior designer Suzanne Shaker and art conservator Pete Danridge designed their outdoor clothes line using two strips of cedar that are joined at the top with a stainless steel dowel pin. The clothes line, as Shaker says, “is the essence of simple function.”

To read more about their DIY design, visit Remodelista.

Above: To build your own similar clothes line, consider the following: a 10-Foot-Long Western Red Cedar (above left) is $18.97 at Home Depot; a 1-inch Stainless Steel Dowel Pin (above middle) is $15.48 from Amazon; and a 25 ft. bundle of White Rope (above right) is $3.99 from Amazon.

Above: The idea was based on a childhood memory: a vision of white sheets blowing in the country wind. To see more of the couple’s Shelter Island home, check out Remodelista’s post House Call: Suzanne Shaker in Shelter Island.




Kristen S.
Kristen S5 years ago

Love the idea of a clothesline but this is more expensive than just buying a store bought one!

Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson5 years ago

Great idea.

leonie t.
Leonie Trevanion5 years ago

Never owned a dryer

Rebecca F.
.5 years ago

now if only i had the yard!

Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

Thanks, great memories

Tia Mitchum
Tia Phillips5 years ago

I can agree with Sandi C. and Hillary S., the smell of sun dried clothes is so refreshing. It reminds me of when i was a little girl running through my mama's sheets outside on the line! Now they build houses so close to gether you can hardly have one, especially if there's an outside dog. Ewwww!!! been there done that! Lol!! Used the dryer from that point on and stared at the clothes line...lol! Great Article!!

aj E.
aj E5 years ago

great if you have outdoor space to put one.

Luna Starr
luna starr5 years ago

I love my clothes line use it all the time

Amanda C.
Amanda C.5 years ago

I live in the country for a reason! So I dont have to use the dryer unless its an emergancy(its raining and I have to). I have been doing this for over 3 years and I love it. Although everyone else I know thinks I am insain! I am saving money and getting a workout all at the same time!

Sandi C.
Sandi C5 years ago

I love the smell of clothes hung outside!