A DIY Lamp Accessory

At Remodelista, we are big fans of usingwooden beads as decor, so when we spotted a lamp with a cord covered in such, we were instantly taken. Here’s our simple and affordable DIY version of this quirky accessory.

Above: Our inspiration is the Earl Lamp by Berlin-based design studio Llot Llov; made with 18 wooden beads, the last one has an embedded LED and a silicone shade.

Above: For our DIY model, Remodelista correspondent Izabella created this rustic version.

Above: To make your own wooden bead lamp, you will need the following: 10 wooden beads; 1.5 inch in diameter with a .5 inch hole like theUnfinished Round Wooden Beads (above left) from Woodworks, 10 beads for $3.50; a cord set such as the Hemma Cord Set (above right)from Ikea, $3.99; and an industrial pendant in white like theMetal Industrial Pendant (below) from West Elm; small, $19.00.

Instructions: Cut the plug off from the end of the lamp cord with a pair of scissors and thread the wooden beads onto the cord. If you are skilled in such things, rewire the replacement plug; alternatively; have your local lamp shop do it for you.

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How curious and nifty.

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Kinda cool I could see going an a lot of different directions. for kids ise small balls that do not require air to keep their shape and drill holes in them. for the shade you can also be more imiginative. colored glass bowls with a hole drilled in them. Glass drill bits ate prettty cheap at places like Harbor Freight. For a more festive look use plastic christmas ornimants. want to totally recycle use different colored bottle caps. once again use your imagination.

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