A Handful of Walnuts May Keep Alzheimer’s Away

Are you concerned about getting Alzheimer’s?  The walnut that resembles a brain may be the answer to keeping Alzheimer’s disease at bay. The latest research suggests that eating 1/4 cup of walnuts a day may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Every 67 seconds someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s.

Due to huge number of people suffering from this condition, there is extensive research to find possible cures or means of prevention.

Recent Study Gives Hope:

The New York State Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disabilities led by Dr. Abha Chauhan used mice vulnerable to developing Alzheimer’s disease in their study.  They fed them a mixed diet which contained 6 percent or 9 percent walnuts.  When they tested their learning ability, memory, and motor development, it was found that the control group mice performed much worse than the walnut consuming group.  It was also noted that there was a reduction in anxiety and improvement in motor skills in the walnut eaters.

Dr. Chauhan said these findings lead the way in advanced human studies on walnuts and Alzheimer’s disease.

How Is This Powerful Effect Possible?
Walnuts are the second highest food in antioxidants and very rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Researchers speculate that this may be the how they protect the brain from degeneration.

Do we need to be concerned about Alzheimer’s?

Yes. Here are a few facts for you to ponder from the Alzheimer’s Association:

More than 5 million Americans are living with the disease.

  • Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States
  • 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or dementia.
  • Almost two-thirds of Americans with Alzheimer’s are women.
  • A woman in her 60’s has an estimated lifetime risk for developing Alzheimer’s is 1 in 6. For breast cancer it is 1 in 11.

Previous Studies indicate that Walnuts Help with Brain Function.

  • Walnuts may help your memory was the conclusion of a report published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in 2012.
  • Diet of walnuts and blueberries may help maintain brain function. It was found that shorter chain fatty acids found in plants, such as walnuts, may have beneficial effects on brain function.
  • Increase your brain size with walnuts. Study found that those with a low level of omega 3 had smaller brain volumes than those with higher levels.

Walnuts: The Crinkly Powerfood are full of health benefits beyond brain health:

  • Researchers at Marshall University found that a daily dose of walnuts (equal to 2 ounces a day in humans) reduces the growth of breast cancer tumors in mice.
  • Similar finding in mice for prostate cancer was found at the UC Davis Cancer Center.
  • Walnuts have been found to be more effective than olive oil in countering the ill effects of high-fat foods (Barcelona, 2006).
  • Walnuts may lower cholesterol and decrease heart disease.  The high alpha-linolenic acid content helps maintain the elasticity of the arteries, which aids circulation. Cholesterol is linked to the two leading causes of death in the world.

Include some walnuts into your daily diet.

  • Add them to your morning porridge.
  • To your salad.
  • Or just eat a few as a snack.

    Date Walnut Cornmeal Muffins: delicious, vegan and gluten free

Gets all the facts about this debilitating condition from the infographic below.


Two Of My Favorite Walnut Recipes:

Date Walnut Cornmeal Muffins:  Vegan and Gluten Free

Spinach Salad with Walnuts: Be strong like Popeye and eat your spinach in this tasty classic salad.


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