A Hotly Debated Tech Alert: Will You Be Taking Your iPad To Bed With You?

To iPad or not to iPad…that is the question. Is it nobler to have love and lost, or never to have loved at all? What could possibly be lost from this nifty new gadget other than its unfortunate name. Innocence? Oh, there’s probably an app for that.

No, really…will these new electronic readers be the demise of the demure book?

Valentine’s Day is coming and it would be a perfect occasion for my honey to give me the new iPad. They are such beautiful electronic specimens. I am sure it will be love at first touch.

See, my whole family are Mac people. You can spot us a mile away. You’ve no doubt seen the ads, so there’s no need to elaborate. New Mac products come out and we’re abuzz with techie tunes. Please don’t go throwing your PC’s at me. Bill Gates will always get my humanitarian points for putting his money where his mouth is, but I’ll keep my nicely designed, green electronic whiz kid computer.

Steve Jobs positioned that the iPad will be the best device for certain kinds of computing, like browsing the Web, reading ebooks and playing videos. Reading ebooks?

When the Kindle announced that it would revolutionize the way we read, and it did (Amazon sold more Kindles over the holidays than anything else), I was mildly interested. But, this new Mac super-baby seems like it could leap over tall buildings in a single bound. The tablet device runs iPhone applications and will have Apple’s own app called iBooks, which will connect to a new online e-bookstore.

The pros and cons of reading on a hand held electronic reading device vs. books are hotly debated. Let’s join in!

Top Three Reasons to Read on an Electronic Device:

1. Your library is portable.
The best part about an ebook reader is that you can carry so many books with you at once. It has revolutionized long train commutes and you may never get out of your beach chair on vacation.

2. The environmental impact is less.
You don’t have to kill a few trees for each book, and let’s not even talk about the ink. Recycling paper only goes so far.

3. Getting books is a breeze.
It is convenient. Kindle’s Whispersync lets you download a book quickly. No more trudging to the library or driving to the bookstore. Mac will have their own e-bookstore too.

Top Three Reasons To Read a Paper Book:

1. Books are powerless.
Books don’t need power to function making them easy travel companions in places you can’t plug in.

2. Books don’t die and computers do.
Once you drop your prized electronic love in the tub, it’s gone (or very expensive to bring back to life). Books will dry out and outlast a computer if they are taken care of.

3. Books can be shared.
When you buy an e-book, it is yours forever, you can’t resell or let a friend borrow it. Well, I guess you could share your i-Pad (OK, Kindle too), but would you?

I am adding another vote for reading books. Actually, my biggest concern in this whole debate is already happening – the decline of the print industry. The rise of the handy Kindle and the soon to be cuddled iPad (sigh), have already had an adverse impact on newspapers, textbook companies, publishing houses and magazines. While these companies are working hard to catch up with their own technologies, many will expire trying.

OK, I am coming down to earth. Although a bit star-struck, I am ready to put my selfish love of new tech toys aside for a strong tactile love of books.

Love at first touch? Let’s hear it: book lover or eco-electronic reader? (Please, can both live in perfect harmony?) At the end of the day it might come down to this:

Would you rather get into bed with an iPad or a book?

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Penny C.
penny C5 years ago


Lynn H.
Lynn H5 years ago

A few of my friends and I have already agreed to swap eReaders once we both have sufficiently large libraries. Not permanently of course, but for long enough to read a few of each other's favorite titles. I don't like that I can't donate my eBooks to a used file store, and it seems ridiculous that they cost almost as much as a new book, but the convenience factor is pretty hard to deny.

Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago

Please, what are people going to do next? Make love to those things now? Technology is nice but whatevee happened to good old fashioned reliable paper publications? It's worked for generations, so why the hate all of a sudden?

Amy Piedad
Amy Piedad7 years ago

I still want reading the paperback copy than an IPAD..I will miss my book under cuz I fell asleep while reading my favorite novel , nor I can reread my favorite lines when I wake up in the morning. Can u sleep with the IPAD on for the whole night?

Susan Freiman
susan Freiman7 years ago

The NOOK from Barnes and Noble has an option that will allow you to share ebooks. None of the ereaders, though, will allow me to download books outside the US, which is bad for us ex-pats. And the ebooks don't have the delicious book smell. And what about borrowing from a library? I guess for now, I'm still going with the book.

gail d.
gail dair7 years ago

thanks for post

Cindy C.
Cindy C7 years ago

To bed? You mean I can have sex with it too? Oh, but it's ELECTRONIC sex...hmmm

VV V7 years ago

The internet has been around for, what, fifteen years?, and there are probably tens of thousands of books available free of charge - including, most commendably, entire collections of "classics"... and yet, I don't know a single person who reads electronic books. The people I see reading in parks and on trains are either reading old-fashioned printed books, or they are concealing their electronic readers in the most ingenious way...

BTW, I - and most of the people I meet and associate with - actually "deal" in words for a living.
(And no, I do not work in a bookshop or a library or a publishing house.)

Amanda M.
Amanda M7 years ago

I like books. I like technology, but nothing beats the way a book smells, the physicality of turning a page, and the art associated with the printed word. It's like hand drawn art versus something on the web... I still want to see the work in person.

Cindy C.
Cindy C7 years ago

Now I guess I'll file for bankruptcy because I bought iPads and now I don't have any money left to pay my utilities. Or maybe I could go down to Borders and buy a book for ten or twenty bucks. Hmmm...what do you think??