A Lesson In The Law Of Attraction

Almost exactly a year ago, a friend gave me the book The Answer, and it assigns one exercise, which the author recommends you practice every day. The exercise is to imagine your dream life, and then take time every day to close your eyes, be silent, and then visualize your dream life like a movie in your head.

It’s Not So Easy

Sounds simple, but itís harder than you think. In order to be able to visualize, in great detail, the movie of your life, you have to be exceedingly clear on the life youíre longing to live. Most of us struggle with this part. What do we wish to achieve? How do we want to feel? What do we want our lives to be about? Whatís our calling, our purpose, and how can we express it in such a way that brings us peace, balance, and joy? Who are we at our authentic core?

These were tough questions for me to answer, and I hard time pinning my life down to just one day-in-the-life, as the exercise assigned. Is that one day a Monday? A Saturday?

I decided to pick an ordinary Wednesday in my dream life, since Wednesday would be the day I shoot my TV show for the week (knowing that Monday, Iím probably working on my next book and Saturday, Iím probably spending time with my family).

My Movie

In my movie, I wake up around 6:00am and do yoga at home in my peaceful ocean front Northern California home before anybody else in my family wakes up. Then I have breakfast with my husband and daughter before being picked up by my driver and whisked off to the airport. While in the back of the limo, I conference in with my team at Owning Pink, making whatever decisions need to be made so the operation runs like clockwork without me for the rest of the day. Then I fly off to LA (because Iím clear on the fact that I donít actually want to live there).

On the plane, I work on my next book — a self-help book that combines health, spirituality, relationships, life purpose, and all the other things I care about — because itís all integrated. You canít have one without the other.

Then, in LA, another driver drops me at my LA film studio, where I spend the day shooting my TV show. My talk show is all about shining a bright sparkly light on people who are doing awesome work to empower others. Iíll interview healers, intuitives, doctors, life coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs, nonprofit founders — and Oprah, of course. On the set of my show, Iíll be surrounded by awesome people who support my mission and claim it as their own, who collaborate for the good of the whole, who work together in spiritual contract and for personal growth.

At the end of the shoot, I head back home, curl up in bed with my husband, have great sex, and get ready for Thursday, when I go to the spa with my girlfriends to shake off any stress and tension Wednesday caused.

One Year Later

I did that daily exercise for about two months, until life got busy and I got lazy, and I sort of forgot about my movie. In fact, I havenít even thought about my movie since then. But for two months, I watched it religiously.

Then last weekend, I woke up, did a brief yoga practice, got hair-and-makeup ready, and climbed into the big black town car, where my driver opened my door and tipped his hat with a smile. In the back of the car, I was IMíing my team at Owning Pink and we made a plan for the day. I flew to LA, and on the plane, I worked on my next book — a self-help book about being authentic and owning all the facets of what makes you whole.

In LA, my driver picked me up, and we were winding through Beverly Hills, when suddenly, I saw the HOLLYWOOD sign up in the Hollywood Hills.

I’m Living My Movie

And suddenly, it hit me. I was on my way to my hotel, where I was meeting with a TV producer who is interested in getting me and my message on television. And after that, I was heading off to an LA film studio to shoot a little movie, in which I was starring.

Right now, in this moment, I am living my movie. Really. The realization took my breath away.

I donít exactly have my own TV show, but Iím so on my way. And itís only been one year since I even gave myself permission to dream that big. Back then, it seemed completely improbable, impossibly grand, way too ginormous and far fetched to ever happen. But I let myself dream it, and now Iím living a life thatís positioning me for exactly what I dreamed I wanted.

Suddenly, I really believe that anything can happen.

What about you? Whatís your dream? Describe your movie for us. Now watch that movie in your mind every day. Iím gonna start doing it again. You wanna join me?


Emma S.
Emma S5 years ago

Of course! I'm planning out a dream week!

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener7 years ago


heather g.
heather g7 years ago

Thanks - However, I believe I'm more on Deepak's wavelength.

Alex M.
Alex M7 years ago

i really liked this article. super inspiring.it reminded me that no dream is to big

Carina Engstrom
Carina Engstrom7 years ago

I´ll start to night! Thanks!

Rose N.
Past Member 7 years ago

Thank you for posting.

KL Bennett7 years ago

Excellent, excellent! Thank you!

KL Bennett7 years ago

Excellent, excellent! Inspiring and something to think about! Thanks!

KL Bennett7 years ago

Excellent, excellent! Inspiring and something to think about! Thanks!