A Natural, More Potent Antibiotic

If you could pick one item for your natural medicine cabinet that could ward off cold and flu viruses, eliminate warts, cold sores, athlete’s foot, dandruff, respiratory tract and sinus infections, what would you choose? If oregano oil doesn’t come to mind, it’s time you gave this overlooked and potent remedy its rightful place in your natural first aid kit. In a study reported by Science Daily Magazine, oil of oregano at relatively low doses was found to be effective against staphylococcus bacteria and was comparable to antibiotics like penicillin in its germ-killing properties.

Researcher Paul Belaiche reported his exhaustive studies of aromatherapy oils in his three-volume work, entitled, Traite de Phytotherapie et d’Aromatherapie (Treatise on Phytotherapy and Aromatherapy). He used a testing method that allowed him to examine the effectiveness of essential oils against specific bacteria, called an aromatogram. He found that oregano oil killed 96 percent of all pneumococcus bacteria, 92 percent of all neisseria, proteus and staphylococcus bacteria. Some strains of neisseria are responsible for diseases like gonorrhea or meningitis. Proteus is a type of intestinal infection and staphylococcus is the culprit in some types of food poisoning.

He also found that oregano oil eliminated 83 percent of streptococcus and 78 percent of enterococcus. Various strains of streptococcus have been linked with strep throat, scarlet fever, rheumatic fever or toxic shock syndrome. Some strains of enterococcus are linked with cystitis, wound infections and anorexia.

What’s more is that oregano oil also killed 78 percent of candida bacteria, commonly linked with intestinal or systemic candida infections and 78 percent of klebsiella bacteria, which is linked to lung infections.

In a study by the National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico, scientists found that oregano was effective at killing giardia, a parasite that causes abdominal distress.

The Journal Food Protection cites a study by researchers at the Department of Food Science at the University of Tennessee also report impressive findings regarding oregano oil’s potency against bacteria. Scientists found that oregano oil exhibited the most significant antibacterial action against common germs like staphylococcus, E. coli and listeria.

Researchers in the United Kingdom found that not only was oil of oregano effective against these common bacteria, it has antibacterial activity against 25 different bacteria.

Mother Nature has provided us with a powerful antibiotic in oregano oil. Unlike synthetic antibiotics that are powerless against viruses and funguses, oregano oil is effective against these pathogens too. With its wide variety of uses and potency against so many different types of infections, it is a welcome addition to any first aid kit or natural medicine chest.

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Sarah Hill
Sarah Hill2 months ago

thanks, but I use honey for almost all of those problems.

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Graham P3 months ago

Dr. Michelle Schoffro Cook, PhD, DNM has a very annoying habit of telling half a story, ie. no info on how to use the oil!

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Need more info and links to studies

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I agree with Phil Smith and Maria Reis: the article would have been so much better if it had included a few pointers about how to treat infections with oregano oil.

maria r
maria reis3 months ago

The article is good, but does not explain how to use it.

Phil Smith
Phil Smith3 months ago

Soo -- How is a person supposed to use that oil.?? Just put it in a dish to infiltrate the air. Heat it as a vapor.?? Eat it by the spoonful.?? Maybe put it in the vacuum cleaner to spread it around a bit... Duh.. I feel so stupid...

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