A Phenomenal Woman!

Sixteen years ago I co-founded a company called Mishka Productions with my mother, Ariel Wolfe.Since then I have taken on the role as CEO and spearheaded many wonderful conferences and events with bestselling authors in the personal development and spiritual arenas. You name it, I have worked with them.I have seen thousands of lectures in the past 16 years, some of them fabulous and inspiring and some of them not so fabulous.I thought I had seen and heard it all until recently.

We invited a woman to speak at ourCelebrate Your Life conference in Chicago in Junewho was a little outside our genre and not as well known in our circle of attendees. I was inspired by her book andwas extremely intrigued with a 20 minute video of her that went viral on the internet.She was so compelling in the video and her information was so important, I felt it was worthwhile taking this risk.Her message seemed to go straight into my heart. Her name is Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, and if you have not heard of her yet, you will within the next year or so. Film director and producer Ron Howard was also touched by her book andwill be making a feature film of her story to be released in 2012.

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is the NY Times bestselling author of My Stroke of Insight. After her appearance on Oprah her book skyrocketed to the top (the 20 minute video did not hurt either). Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard-trained brain scientist who suffered a strokein the left hemisphere of her brainat the age of 37. It took her eight years to fully recover.

In the conference lecture she described what the four hours felt like while she was having the stroke and as she watched her brain completely deteriorate in its ability to process information, and what life was like afterward. Dr. Taylor furthered explained that through the right hemisphere of the brain, the part of her brain that was untouched by the stroke, inner peace is just a thought away.

This is when her lecture got interesting. You could hear a pin drop and the entire audience of over 1,500 people was mesmerized. Dr. Jill gave us a blow by blow description of what it was like to completely lose her left part of the brain and to see the world with just her right part of the brain. She describes it as this limitless, expansive experience where her body had absolutely no boundaries and could not imagine fitting her huge spirit into such a small body. Dr. Jill took away some very deep spiritual lessons from this experience that she knew was necessary to share with the world. She further shared that we have the power to choose who we want to be in the world moment by moment, and can choose to step into the life force power of the Universe in peace and expansiveness of the right hemisphere. We can also choose to step into the left hemisphere, as she describes as being a single individual and separate from the flow of the Universe.

To hear such a highly educated brain scientist who was trained to have the left hemisphere dominate her entire world discuss being at one with the Universe and the power and magnificence of our spirits was stunning. It was proof for me and the other 1,500 attendees that we truly are spiritual beings having a human experience.

One of my favorite comments Dr. Jill made that evening was, “Be responsible for the energy you bring into this room. Everyone should consider this at all times.”

Another favorite comment was, “Pay attention to what you are thinking, and then decide if those are thoughts that are creating the kind of life you want created,” she says. “And if it’s not, then change your thoughts. It’s really that easy.”

It really is that easy, and it is very easy to be inspired by this phenomenal woman. Take 20 minutes right now, click here, watch the video and be touched by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

We were so enthralled with Dr. Jill, that immediately following the Chicago lecture, we asked her to join us again at the annual Celebrate Your Life conference in Phoenix, Arizona on November 4-7,2011. She said “yes.” I think she liked us too! Click here for more information.



Linda O.
Linda Owen6 years ago

I'll have to check her out. She sounds amazing.

Malti Ragh
Lee ann p6 years ago

Sounds great but useful only to those with some money to spend.

Douglas S.
Douglas S6 years ago

Thank you for sharing

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Jane L6 years ago

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this! The video is absolutely amazing! I want to read her book now =D

Dandelion G.
Dandelion G6 years ago

Thank you Wolfgang for directing my attention here. I will most certainly watch the video tonight as well and will take it from there.

Olga Lustosa
Olga Lustosa6 years ago

Great article. I will surely watch the video tonight.

Elisabeth T.
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Great article and video, thanks so much...

Bridget M.
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The video is awe-inspiring. Beautiful. I'm glad to hear the world has someone like her researching and advocating for the mentally ill too.

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