Yogin’ It: New Website for Yoga Lovers

Whether you’re an expert, a regular, or even a beginner in the yoga world, a new site, YoginIt.com, recently launched as your one-stop destination for all yoga news and needs.

Yogin’ It is an online resource for all of those involved in the yoga community or even for those who are looking to be involved. The site provides the latest up-to-date news in the yoga industry, tools and techniques to help you improve your yoga, health and wellness skills, personalized coaching programs, interaction with other yogis, and even helps people find the best yoga classes in their area.

The founder of the site, Sonia Ribas, travels back and fourth between her two homes; one in Europe and one in the U.S. Anything she finds on her travel journeys that would aid the yoga community is shared on the site. Ribas, who left her corporate job to follow her passion for yoga, calls the site a “playground” for the yoga community. She started it because she loves inspiring people to live a healthier and more balanced life. “It makes us feel good to help people feel good,” said Ribas speaking for her and her yogi team.

Yogin’ It has several different tabs that are used to help guide you on your yoga journey.

Coachin’ It” – An amazing aid to those looking for yoga advice because it creates a customized program just by filling out a form online. The program is tailored to individuals by the yogi team and helps with overall health, wellness and yoga needs.

Sharin’ It” – This is for interacting with other yogis. People can even upload images to a gallery and share with others. This page also answers questions and talks about upcoming yoga events.

Inspirin’ It” – Here you will find the latest yoga news, informative videos on yoga experiences, as well as interviews with those making a difference in the yoga community.

Lovin’ It” – This is where you’ll find the yoga directory full of classes, workshops, certifications and more that are being held all over the world. Find a your local studios and teachers here!

Practicin’ It” – This is to come in 2013. Its future holds a virtual studio full of online classes you can take right in your very own home. Be prepared to pull up a mat and join in on the yoga experience as soon as it’s released!

Yogin’ It is made by yogis from around the world for the yoga community. It holds true to the yogi mission and values of trust, balance, passion, open communication, team spirit, community focus and fun. It covers global content that will also be available in different languages in the near future.

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By Danielle Lagow for DietsInReview.com


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I work at a gym and use to do yoga. I was never really into it though. I have been enjoying the toning effects of pilates lately, which uses some yoga moves.

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