A Poisonous Sweetener

According to a UK documentary, “Sweet Misery,” the National Cancer Institute identified a significant and impressive increase in brain cancer starting in about 1984. Why did brain cancer shoot up? Evidence suggests that it is because of artificial sweeteners such as those found in diet drinks and food.

Scientists noticed that in 1983 humans began consuming something never before consumed by humans — aspartame, a chemically created substance acting as a sugar alternative used in diet drinks, food, and even on the table in most restaurants (i.e. NutraSweet, Crystallite, Equal).

Increase in Aspartame, Increase in Brain Cancer

According to the documentary, in 1984, one year after its introduction, 6.9 million pounds of aspartame were consumed by Americans. In the next year, that number doubled. It continued increasing into the ’90s. This spike in Aspartame consumption parallels the spike in brain cancer.

From 1984-1987, other cancers outside the brain basically remained the same or declined. However, brain cancer rates shot up.

Scientists confirmed that the increase in brain cancers is not due to technological advancements that made diagnosing brain cancer easier and it is not a result of changes in disease classifications.

Why is it suggested that aspartame has this neurological effect?

Scientists think that it is because 10 percent of the chemical substance, after ingestion, becomes free methyl alcohol (wood alcohol), which as one scientist in the film states, is a “real poison.” Another says, “the poisonous effect of methyl alcohol and its methyl esters are well-known.” Even small amounts of this poison can lead to blindness and death. The “miniscule” amounts in our common foods and drinks seem to sometimes lead to cancer and other neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

Bottom line — maybe it’s time to cut artificial sweeteners out of your diet!

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By Zachary Shahan, Green Options


Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M7 years ago

Lynette, I am so sorry that you have MS. MS is one of the horrendous side effects of artificial sugar as well as 91 other awful side effects. Take a look at www.sweetpoison.com and you will get to know all about it and the side effects. Most people dont care. They simply are blissfully ignorant and will be till this silent killer creeps up on them. It might take a day or so to get sick till they realise its aspartame. Most people are ignorant to the fact that artificial sweeteners and Aspartame as exactly the same thing but different words as each are ignorant of the fact that each name on a product and thats usually 99.9% of artificial sugars are indeed ARTIFICIAL...they are man made and made in a factory. They have no value or nutrition except for horrendous side effects and in Japan they dont even go there to use it but recently if I m not mistaken they have decided to produce it for O/seas consumption while their own are savvy that its very bad for you. Also keep on eating it or drinking it and you will I promise you get sick in the end and sometimes you can reverse it. So start reading food labels and look at your nutrition if you are serious about NOT getting Brain Tumors. Aspartame is a neurotoxin. If you havent a clue as to what is what then Google it and be savvy about what you are indeed ingesting. This goes for kids too and I am so sorry that adults believe Doctors who recommend their kids with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes that this product is OKAY when its not. So

Lynette H.
Lynette Harrison7 years ago

I was diagnosed with MS a year ago at age 59. I have (well, HAD) used various artificial sweeteners most of my life. Now I have to wonder if those sugar substitutes are in any way responsible for the MS.

jerry coleman
jerry coleman7 years ago

Wow thanks for the info

brittany h.
brittany h7 years ago

Very interesting and eye-opening. Thank you

Tom Sullivan
Tom C Sullivan7 years ago

Go figure, FDA do your job. Why not all natural.

K s Goh
KS Goh7 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M8 years ago

Thank Goodness Jennifer you beautiful girl/lady you GOT IT! Congratulations on spreading the news and for losing weight. It is such a terrible crime to put this poison in food and drinks and tell Diabetics and people who want to lose weight to eat and drink it b/c it has ZERO calories. It might have but nothing is free is it when you think about it. Its Zero Calories translate into heaps of carcinogenic toxic poison that the body cant break down. it sits in your cells. NO it doesnt IT STICKS TO THE WALL OF YOUR BODY CELLS and is kinda glued on there is where it sits, changes state and that state is FAT. Sugar converts to FAT. Thus adding weight onto your body but theres more. This art. sugar presents 92 serious body problems. Losing eyesight, migraines, ADD, ADHD, MS(Multiple Sclerosis) DIABETES, Glaucoma, Alzheimer's, stops you from getting pregnant b/c the egg and his sperm becomes weak and tiny to do their thing. Fertility clinics are making heaps from this problem.
READ your nutritional panels on your food.
950, 951,952, 953,954,955 and 956 If you learn to read and understand the codes then you are on a great path to understanding what the heck you are ingesting b/c believe me its not healthy at all. ALL FRESH FOOD that is unadulterated is 100% the best.
Why would you compromise your health when YOU now know that anything with artificial sugars are addictive and are a legal DRUG but it makes you sicker and sicker. ITS NOT CALLED THE SILENT KILLER FOR NOTHING.


Jennifer Martin
Jennifer M8 years ago

It still amazes me seeing people walking around with diet sodas... Diet everything actually! I haven't touched anything diet in the last 9 months, yet I've lost 30 lbs. I went veg and started eating real, healthy food and drinking lots of water and herbal teas. I'm always talking about how terrible artificial sweeteners are (artificial any food, really), but it doesn't work.

Chinmayee Jog
Chinmayee Jog8 years ago

Wow, I had no idea! Berocca contains it too, and I've been having that about once a week...oh well, looks like I won't be having it at all now! Thanks for sharing...

Summerannie Moon
Summerannie M8 years ago

Add Splenda on the list and many others and also dont forget its in food too especially diet foods and diabetic foods and low fat foods as well as low calorie foods. Yep its in nearly all this food. Some 7000 products!!!

Just give it up and do it slowly to wean yourself off it and do yourself a favour in turning your health around. All this stuff is a slow debilitating way to make you unhealthy. It is also called 'the Silent Killer' and will give you a false feeling feeling well when you p robably are initially but being a silent killer it creeps up on you and first you might feel thirsty, then you might feel dizzy, then you get a bit nauseous, have loose bowels, cramps in the stomach or your eye sight starts to fail and you need new glasses...you dont realize, then it gets worse and all of a sudden instead of losing weight you gain it...bang...you then increase your weight and say huh? but Im really watching what I eat! Yeah...I hear that all the time till those people cant then their BP goes up, they go on drugs to reduce their BP readings, then they have a sugar test and its out of whack and they can be told they are a diabetic. The kids go nuts and out of hand and their moods swing and the parents think they are doing the right then in giving their kids low calorie cordials or soft drinks..well eventually they too will get caught. Pity the type 1 diabetic kids whose parents are told..no worries you can ingest all artificial sweeteners..it ll be good for you!!! WRONG! t