This Film Could Turn Meat Eaters Vegan in Six Minutes

You’ve probably heard that our food is becoming more industrialized. Maybe discussion about how the farmer is going away or images likening the farming industry to more of an assembly line, similar to a car factory, have come across your news feed. While it seems logical, nothing has solidified this concept more than a six-minute clip from an interesting film called Samsara.

The 2011 film is a non-narrative documentary directed by Ron Fricke. It’s not a food documentary, it has no dialogue, and even though some images are disturbing, it’s actually quite beautiful. The film explores many wonders of the world. It spans the globe looking at all aspects of the human experience. As it takes a tour of the food industry, eyes are opened.

The film clip captures how chickens are scooped up by a machine, sent down a chute, placed in drawers, and then sent down a conveyor belt to be pieced up for food. Cows are caged in beautiful symmetry as they are milked inside a factory-like building. Piglets nurse from their mothers who are caged in a patterned warehouse-like center, and then a line of pigs are rhythmically disemboweled as they make their way to processing. All the images are almost robotic, there’s no barns, no dirt, not a farmer in sight. It feels like you’re watching hypnotized drones as the food is being made ready for our tables.

Flash forward and the film shows shoppers scavenging for food in a big box store. Again, like robots, the shoppers grab packages of meat and fruit or boxes of processed food. There’s no connection to the earth, just industry.

Finally, the food that goes in our mouth. The filmmaker took on a scene at a fast food restaurant. The feel was the same as the rendering plants. No consideration to what was taking place, just programmed beings designed to repeat the same motion over and over. Food to mouth, food to mouth, no thought or consideration to how the food got there or even what it is, just repetitive motions.

It’s an entrancing clip. It’s a little disturbing, but hopefully motivating. I left it saying, “I want to know where my food comes from.” “I want to grow more of my own food.” “I want to go to farmer’s markets, or the farm itself.” “I want to cook more.”

More than anything, I want to ask more questions and avoid becoming a member of the drone society. I want my food to be raised, not pieced together in an assembly line.


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Chazz York jr
Chazz York4 years ago

This isn't just commercial farming, or industrialized farming. What most don't know is the the free range farming is a sick and cruel joke. I was a omnivore at one time. I was researching for an article on my site, and started finding more and more atrocities in the Industrialized, and the free range farming. I do realize that some will be so detirmined to pretend it isn't so, that they will attack me, or post watered down versions of what the animals actually do go through, but it doesn't make what I am saying untrue, and it doesn't justify the cruelty those poor animals endure up to the moment they finally are forced to draw their last breath.

annie s.
christine s4 years ago

I am veggie and trying to become vegan --------LOVE is what it's truly all about .

Barbara D.
Past Member 4 years ago

I do believe we're talking about commercial farming methods and the inherent animal abuses.
It relates to concern for animal welfare; not to a discussion of animal *rights, personal beliefs, murder, butchering, personal ethics, or personal decisions to follow a given *righteous/spiritual/moral* path.
Animals can be raised humanely and slaughtered humanely. Those of us who choose to consume humane meat and dairy products are following the *path* that is morally, ethically, correct and healthy for us ~ it is OUR decision.
You have the right to make your own choices and no one of us is trying to convince you, influence you, denigrate or criticize you, and certainly not force you, to step off the path you've chosen.
We have the right to make our choices. Don't deign to think that you're entitled to convince, influence, criticize, or try to force us to step off our path.
And if you DO think you are ~ remember that there are no moral absolutes.
If you feel compelled to try ~ here's a tip ~ strong-arm tactics, humiliation, and despicable attacks have never achieved true converts.

4 years ago

How sad that many of the nuts and cacao beans are a product of the blood sweat and tears of child laborers and slaves... unless you can afford to get 'Fair Trade' products....and they're so expensive, they're not commonly used to make pate or exclusive candy for vegans.

Hassan M.
Hassan M4 years ago

"wanton lust for chocolate" lol. If there wasn't vegan chocolate we would have to invent it.
If there wasn't vegan cheese I couldn't be vegan

Dale O.

Agreed, Nicole B, regarding the previous comment that you made concerning the issue of organically raised meat: “1) The far east was never totally vegan/vegetarian and will never be (and even the religious where the diet is vegan make exceptions when one cannot be vegan) 2) Organic farming isn't like factory farming and is changing to be better for both livestock and humans and 3) the whole world can't go vegan so we need to focus on organic small farms…”

Great White Sha E then states: “I am done with you guys,” picking up those marbles and stalking out miffed because those who don’t agree with his 113 year old views are labelled ‘ignorant and misrepresentative’.
Linda s said that: “and you could watch Gary Yourofsky's Life Changing Speech. His dynamic matter-of-fact presentation is awesome. I watched and instantly went from vegetarian to vegan. If you're an animal lover there is nothing less.” Intriguing, any man advocating the violent rape of both men and women because they don’t practice what he preaches is no one that I would care to follow. If people wear fur, there are better ways of educating them than violent and hateful rhetoric.

Dale O.

Many people are animal lovers and some presumptuous vegans who believe that non-vegans are less than they are simply the ones who are truly intolerant. Tricia H, you seem always to be focused on ‘white trash.’ What in the world does a person’s race have to do with anything? Jelka V of no visible profile says that she once loved to eat meat but stopped. Over time she says that she’s younger than her peers, hasn’t seen a doctor in decades (as if vegetarians never get cancer, which can be cured if caught early…news flash, vegetarians do get cancer.) Also she has not had a cold since the 1990's. She then goes on with the litany of the ‘wanton lust for flesh.’ One wonders about the wanton lust for chocolate and carrots. If she dines on cheese, eggs or yogurt, then vegans will nail her for her ‘wanton lust of dairy, eggs – not to mention the demon honey’. You speak of meat as something to ‘overcome,’ as if it is an addiction. Those who eat organically raised non-factory farmed meat certainly have nothing to overcome. Jelka V, you make it appear that if one just stopped eating meat all would be healthy forevermore, world peace will happen overnight, the crime rate and all societal ills will cease and there will be Heaven on Earth.

Dale O.

Camilla V, there is nothing quite like vegan self-righteousness. Some vegans are forever talking about what spiritual and peaceful people that they are compared to the non-vegan world and then you as one example throw it all out the window with the comment: “so all meat-eaters will become vegan and all butchers and hunters can drown in their own filth.” When some vegans are so misanthropist, why would I even want to join you? Baal P believes that anyone not suited to a vegan diet is simply ‘lazy’ and that 80 percent of all death is caused solely by eating meat. It’s fascinating, the fantasies that some people believe. So very true,

Manel D, don’t eat meat if you so choose but the tired old song about how eating meat not part of a modern society is as you like to say, lame. There is a constant belief that anyone eating meat gets it from a factory farm when many do not. Julie H, the only one angry is you and some other vegans. No one ‘infests’ threads mentioning your precious word vegan. The thread is about meat eaters possibly being turned vegan so, surprise – some omnivores are going to read it. Vegan is not some sacred word where only vegans are permitted to utter it, read about it or discuss it.

Dale O.

Certainly there are so many aspects of the food industry that needs drastic change as foods are often too highly processed and factory farms are not raising animals in anything remotely near the natural process and I avoid them as they are an assembly line of grief. Any meat that I eat doesn’t come from a factory farm.

Past Member, you ask why are vegans so aggressive? Not all are but there is a cadre of militants who seem to live for the sole purpose of looking down their noses at anyone who has not converted to being vegan and they fill their days with sputtering with endless outrage and pomposity regaling those who have not seen ‘the light’ and ‘the truth’ as only they can ‘see’ it.

Geoff P.
Past Member 4 years ago

Why are vegans so aggressive.